In Light of IL Report, Magre Tries Again to Shut Down Economy Inn

Councilman Magre calls for renewed effort to close down troubled Economy Inn on Bardstown Road

Published report alleges human trafficking taking place at facility through underage prostitution 

Louisville – Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) is once again calling for a renewed effort to close down the Economy Inn on Bardstown Road following a report on Thursday by Insider Louisville where a former employee alleges human trafficking and other continued problems taking place at the facility.

“I commend the bravery of Angel Bennett who has come forward to shed light on what has been going on in the area of human trafficking and underage prostitution that continues at the Economy Inn,” said Magre. “As a result, this article further motivates me in my efforts to close the Economy Inn down,”

The article, by reporter Joe Sonka, focuses on Angel Bennett who recently left the Economy Inn as an employee working third shift for the last two years. She shared information and documentation in the article indicating that many of problems the business faced had not decreased but instead have accelerated, including underage prostitution.

Magre says the Insider Louisville article brings forward three areas of concern.

The first is human trafficking.

The Councilman believes law enforcement, including the US Attorney and the FBI, should be reviewing the documentation Bennett has provided to see if there are any violation of federal laws with regard to human trafficking and prostitution.

Next, he believes the article clearly points out that government needs to review, update or change its ordinances and procedures that have allowed the Economy Inn to keep operating even though there continues to be a pattern of violations.

“I have been working with the County Attorney’s Office and in the next few weeks will be bringing forth changes to the public nuisance ordinance in an effort to deal with what we continue to find at the Economy Inn,” said Magre.

And finally, the Councilman says the article raises the question of where a promised $800,000 worth of improvements to facility stands now some three month after passing the health inspection by the Metro Louisville Board of Health.

“This article clearly shows the need for being vigilant in shutting down the Economy Inn. There are many people I am working with to see that the people who have to stay there are cared of but more importantly it is time to stop what has been going on at the Economy Inn,” said Magre. “I also want to thank the Salvation Army and Johanna Wint who have stepped forward to offer help to people who need social services and are working to get people moved out of at the Economy Inn. ”