Insight into the Anti-Choicer Mind

It’s been several hours, but I’m still stunned. A man posted on a friend’s facebook that, if he’s paying for (a hypothetical public) health care, then he should get to decide what procedures people get to have. This response was, of course, triggered by a news link to Texas’ ultrasound legislation for abortion.

Initially, he said this:

“But as soon as you made health care a shared social responsibility, which, you did, you made it so that anyone has a say in how you use it.”

Later, he clarified:

“It’s not your body, if you aren’t paying for the health care.”

This nonsense is shocking enough in its sheer arrogance and ignorance. But then, in the same thread, the same poster said this:

“[Requiring an ultrasound before an abortion is] a violation of the 4th amendment, I would think. You know, the people shall not be subject to unreasonable searches… I would think lubing up a paddle and sticking it on your belly to see if you are pregnant might be an unreasonable search. Just my two cents worth.”

In the last quote, he gets it. But in the thread, the latter quote is sandwiched between the other two.

A couple of hours ago, I discover that this man is very, very bitter that he has to pay child support, and thinks that his ex having custody is her keeping their child “hostage.”

It all becomes clear now.