Is Judy Green Faking It?

Green claims she's sick, but some aren't buying it

That’s the question Metro Council members are asking, and why not? Green is up for a removal hearing in September, had made it clear she wants to keep her job, and has found zero support among her colleagues. So she’s asked for a 30-day delay in the hearing, claiming to be in an undisclosed hospital location with a mysterious illness, sending attorney Derwin Webb out to plead her case with the media.

If I were trying to delay removal from office, I wouldn’t dismiss that strategy.

So yesterday Council attorney Gregg Hovious called her out, saying there’s no evidence that she’s actually ill or hospitalized.  Green, intent on keeping her $42K annual salary, has done more devious deeds in the past. Webb didn’t even know whether or not she was actually in the hospital.

And did you know:

KET on Main: The public TV operation is setting up a studio at 620 W. Main St., moving some of its operations from Bishop Lane. The fancy new space will be the site for tapings of the network’s popular local show, Louisville Life.

Hospital Answers from U of L: Maybe if they’d set up this website when the merger was announced, touting all the benefits of a hospital merger with Catholic Health Initiatives, U of L wouldn’t be getting so much resistance to its plan. The school still has a long way to go to get the merger passed.

Greening of the 9th: Tina Ward-Pugh’s 9th District, encompassing Clifton, may be the most progressive area of town, and the Councilwoman has launched a “Green Triangle” marketing initiative and website to show just how “green” they can get.

Tonight on TV: Those North Oldham 12-year-olds will be playing on ESPN in the Little League World Series.

Maybe Nashville Was a Bad Idea: Ticket sales are very slow for the Sept. 1 football game between UK and Western in Nashville, even though a few dozen of my frat brothers are going. Kickoff is too late (9:15 pm), too.

Today’s Excuse to Google “Penis”:  A man in Shelbyville, Phillip Seaton, is getting a trial. He sued Dr. John Patterson for cutting off his penis during a surgery four years ago. “Loss of service, love and affection” was mentioned in the plaintiff’s suit.

Another New Face at WAVE: The local station has hired Jaimie Weiss, an Ohio U. grad who most recently was at WLEX-TV in Lexington.

Fry It Up:  My plan is to avoid the Kentucky State Fair and the new Fried Derby Pie. I’m not swayed by the thought of seeing Def Leppard and paying $8 to park, and another fee to get in. And it would have been irritating to see right-winger nutjob Ted Noise at the Fairgrounds last night, the same spot I saw him when I was in high school with Journey and Eddie Money.

Happy Birthday: To our own blogger Brittany-Ann Wick, who shares her big day with former President Bill Clinton