It IS the Heat in the City

Drunks hitting telephone poles, judges losing their cool, some guy pushing an old lady into the pool and a respected restaurateur busted by the FBI for threatening phone messages? Yea, it’s the heat, and it’s at least in part responsible for short tempers and random shootings.

“You’re a Dead Man” — Advice to Majid Ghavami, owner of Majid’s in St. Matthews. If you’re going to threaten someone’s life, don’t leave it on their voice mail. Ghavami left several threats intended for a man from Louisville now living in California, as reported on WHAS.  If you’ve met him, you know Majid as the calm, friendly restaurant host. So does it make you wonder what this guy did to anger Majid enough to say: “I also want you to know that you cannot run away from me.” Off camera, Majid said he was defending his family. Hmmm.

Lady, 72, Pushed In: You’ve got to watch this video.  Our favorite attorney, Larry Wilder, is representing a woman who was pushed into the pool at The Harbors condos by a maintenance man.  The woman had been banned from the pool for “excessive splashing.” She’s 72.

Katie, Chaos, Court: Judge Katie King got a bit flustered in court yesterday. Maybe it was the car accident she’d been in, but she wasn’t putting up with this woman interrupting her courtroom.  King asked the woman a series of questions, full of disrespect. The woman got 5 extra days in jail for the outburst.

Diane Williamson is the new voice of OnStar

Speaking of Disrespect: Katie’s dad, Jim King, stepped down as chair of the court that (we hope) will oust Judy Green from the Metro Council. King said he did so due to Green’s recent bogus accusations of bias against her.  Green hopes to delay the proceedings (I believe she’s already thinking of how many paychecks she can get before her removal) while everyone else involved wants to proceed in early August.

And Wait Until the Bill Comes: 23-year-old David Dolherty blew a .205 on a Breathalyzer moments after he crashed his 1997 silver Mercedes into a utility pole at Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway. At 5:20 a.m. Let’s guess he was on his way home to Hikes Point. Traffic was blocked ’til Noon, and Dolherty, in addition to all the complications to his life for the drunk driving charges, has to come up with $10K that LG&E is going to charge him.

“Your Car is Totaled”: I don’t think Diane Williamson, the new voice of the OnStar system, will ever deliver those words, but I’m sure she would say it in a pleasing way. Williamson, a former WDRB reporter and all-star voice talent, has a great new gig that allowed her to quit her day job to become OnStar’s voice.

Every Hot Dog Has a Day: Thornton’s is promoting National Hot Dog Day Saturday. The chain will be selling dogs for 40 cents from 10-3 because, well, it really is National Hot Dog Day.

New Pavement in J-town: There’s an official groundbreaking today, with Mayor Fischer and Mayor Dieruf, for the new extension of Blankenbaker Parkway, which makes it possible to get to Taylorsville Road from I-64. I’ve ridden my bike on the path, which is a great cut-through for Jeffersontown residents.