It’s Friday and This Can’t Be Good

This Can’t Be Good:When a press conference is called for 4 p.m. on a Friday, the news is never good. It’s usually something politicians want to see buried in the media. Today’s 4 p.m. news will come from Mayor Fischer “will report budget reductions to balance the current fiscal year’s budget.” Translation — If you’re expecting something from Metro Government, here’s when you find out you’re not getting it.”

Ed’s On with Chris Thieneman: On Wednesday, Chris Thieneman, who may or may not be running for the 37th District Kentucky Senate seat, was a guest on Ed Springston’s online radio show. Listen up here. The 37th District is caught up in the Frankfort re-districting mess. Under the new boundaries, Thieneman is eligible to run and incumbent Democrat Perry Clark is not.  If the election is held using the old boundaries, the reverse is true. If elected, Thieneman said he would work to take the politics out of re-districting.

UK Should Have Known:  That the free Anthony Davis posters they gave away Tuesday night would become coveted products on Ebay. The first entry that pops up allows you to “Buy it Now” for $125. UK officials are busy trying to make it stop.

Create a Caption:  Someone sent me this photo of Larry Zielke, the attorney recently terminated by MSD, the result of a scathing audit.

Today with Joe Elliott: Jon Ackerson, the Metro Council rep in the 18th District, is a Republican. According to some Council colleagues, he is one in name only, and his son Brent is a Democratic rep for the 26th District.  The Council GOP members are endorsing loony Tea Party candidate Marilyn Parker in this month’s primary. Today, Ackerson will talk with Joe Elliott on his show at 970 AM. It should be worth tuning in.

The Continued Demise of your Courier-Journal: 42 Courier-Journal employees have been offered buyouts from Gannett, including some editorial staffers. Offers went to employees 56 and older with 20 years of service.

A Crazy Crime Story: Here’s the story the way I heard it. A couple of really bold thieves decided to steal a dump truck in Shively right in front of the police department. They drove it to a construction site in front of the Southwest Government Center on Dixie Highway, where they used it to steal a backhoe, which they drove down Dixie. At a Fifth Third Bank near Holy Cross High School, they dug up the ATM, then took it across the street to a car wash and opened it up. Police have impounded the backhoe, but have not caught the perpetrators.

Murray’s Loss: The last undefeated college basketball team in America got beat last night. Murray, which had made it to #9 in the polls, fell to Tennessee State 72-68. Nice run, Racers.

And Be Careful Out There: There might be a whole entire inch of snow this afternoon.

UK Should Have Known: UK officials gave away this cool Anthony Davis poster the other night, and now they’re trying to stop people from making a profit by selling them for $125 on Ebay.

Yours for $125