It’s great to be a Louisvillian this weekend!

Okay Louisville I realize there are a ton of awesome things to do here in Louisville this weekend. Lt. Kessinger, the head of special events for the LMPD has told me there are 8 big events just on Saturday alone! Because I love and work for The St. James Court Art Show I must plug it, however, I know you will be able to work some of these other great events into the mix too. This kind of weekend is why we love to be Louisvillians!

Old Louisville is gearing up for St James. Today the food vendors began to set up, the dumpster meeting took place, the beer trailer was set and our office began to move to the Art Show Headquarters onto St James Court. On Thursday, the artists will arrive with or without a bridge open to welcome them to Louisville. Although we have timed check in times, we are trying to be flexible and patient with the bridge closure. After all in special event planning, expect the unexpected!

If you haven’t ever been to The St. James Court Art Show please come and see what all the talk is about but be sure to check out the parking map. If you are a St James veteran and don’t want to give out your secret parking spot, email your friends a link to our parking map. If your parents are coming for U of L Parent weekend, be sure to let them know about our parking map.

If you are coming with an unenthusiastic spouse/partner/friend, I’m sorry. But you can send them to check out these other things if they don’t want to shop for the best art on the planet. Send them to our Demo Tent- maybe they will be so interested they will take up a new hobby. Send them to our LG&E Green Zone to find out how to start their own garden and make a home more energy efficient. Send them to The Conrad Café or the Central Park West Café so they can sit down and have a long, relaxing meal (a beer or glass of wine) while you shop. All these things can be found on our map.

Last but not least, as much as I love animals, please leave your cute pets at home. A dog does not know the difference between a sculpture and a fire hydrant.