It’s March Badness Time

PHOTO: Bob Sokoler

Welcome to Spring in the City. It’s about time. I know your NCAA brackets are busted, but please, don’t bother telling me how you had Richmond and Marquette in the Final Four.  I’m only interested in watching Jimmer at BYU against Florida Thursday night. Cats fans have to stay up late Friday to watch Ohio State send them home from New York. Tip is at 9:45.

Cards Advance: Shoni Schimmel’s team won an NCAA Tournament game in Cincinnati, whipping Vandy 81-62. The Lady Cards get 2-seed Xavier Tuesday night. It’s on ESPN2.

Pitino’s New Job: I loved the way local TV stations (WHAS-TV) over-reacted when Rick Pitino made a comment about the Morehead game that some took to mean the Coach is done. But I agree with Bob Sokoler — The Rick is a hell of an analyst, especially on a set in which he knows a lot more about the college game than Charles Barkley.  Even though he defended officials and praised Kentucky’s Josh Harrelson.

Martin’s New Job: WHAS-TV weatherman Jamie Martin finished up his tenure here after 6 years.  I’m trying to figure out how moving from WHAS to South Bend is a good career move.

Isn’t That Trey Grayson?: I looked over at the Heine Brothers in St. Matthews last week and saw former Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who seems thrilled with his new job at Harvard. He spoke later at a northern Kentucky forum, his first Kentucky speech since he announced he was leaving in January, where he said he was focused on promoting civility in politics. Then he ever-so-politely said that Phil Moffett won’t win the Republican primary for Governor because he’s no Rand Paul, and that Paul is too focused on keeping his name in headlines than doing good work.

Beshear’s Flying Folly: First, Gov. Beshear said that his use of a state aircraft last week, so he could fly around the state to drum up support for his battle with David Williams in Frankfort, was all about state business. And now that Williams called him on it, Beshear’s backing down, saying he will reimburse the state for the trip.  Then Beshear trotted his campaign manager out to tell the media.  Spineless.

Can’t We Just Get Rid of Those NDFs? It’s not that we didn’t already know there was a lack of accountability for the Neighborhood Development Funds handed out by Metro Council members.  It’s just that now there’s a good reason to eliminate the funds, which are used by Council members to curry favors and get re-elected.  Of course, the Judy Greens of the world, and the rest of the 26 members getting $75K each (total in city handouts:  $1.95 million), will fight any effort to reduce the funding mechanism.

A View to a Ville:  Wonder why the C-J devoted a full Features display to a TV show that airs in TV’s dead zone on a station nobody watches?

Not Closing: After pumping its newscast Friday about the potential closing of the Shelbyville Road Borders, WLKY was among media outlets announcing that company officials changed their minds.  The store will remain open, though the downtown and Hurstbourne outlets are closing.

Why They’re Still Cutting at Sixth and Broadway:  Advertisers are moving online, and even with the improving economy, revenues at newspapers are still in decline, hitting a 25-year low, according to this story published last week.