It’s Santa on the Phone

Santa technology is all the rage this year, with the old guy getting into all sorts to techno-features and social media that makes it possible for him to be in many places at once. And one local company is putting him in touch with anyone you choose for just $3.99.

The local firm owns technology that allows customers to personalize messages from familiar voices, and has deals with plenty of famous folks, from Rick Pitino to Hillary Duff.  You can personalize the call by selecting from dozens of voice prompts. So in addition to selecting your child’s name for Santa to say on the phone call, you can pick from a wide range of popular gifts your child can get from Santa, if they’re good, of course.

All you need is the phone number for the person you want to receive the call. The finished call, including personalization, sounds unedited and smooth. You pick the time and date the call is made.

Johnny, Santa's on the phone

The company’s chief executive, Chris Webb, has developed a new program that is being co-marketed across the country by organizations as big as the LA Times. And in Louisville, he’s put together a program that benefits the charity Blessings in a Backpack.

If Santa’s voice sounds familiar, or just like that guy telling you not to leave your bags unattended at the airport, that’s because Santa is voiced by former local radio announcer Jack Fox.