Jackie’s a Write-In, and the Weekend Blogger’s Top Five

Dr. Hong Ye with her Earth-Blends herbal healing patch
Jackie Green at this bike shop

It was a big week for Jackie Green. When I went down to his Market Street bike shop to do this week’s Rusty Satellite interview (LISTEN HERE), he was trying to figure out how to make the announcement that he’d be running as an independent candidate for Mayor. It was Tuesday, and he was announcing on Thursday, so he wouldn’t come out and say he was running during our interview, in which he DID criticize Mayor Greg Fischer for his sustainability record.

Well Jackie made his announcement at First and Main, despite concerns about the weather. He didn’t get much media coverage, but the story that aired on WHAS-TV wasn’t the one he’d have liked. Former RS guest Joe Arnold points out that a law that says that as a registered Democrat, Green can’t be on the ballot as an independent. So Green re-directed, saying he plans to mount a write-in campaign. Not that he, or anyone else, has much of a shot at unseating Fischer, but not being on the ballot makes the campaign more of a sideshow. Bob DeVore, the Republican candidate, won’t make it much of a race either.

I like Jackie, and the bike he sold me, and I hope someone will listen to his ideas for the city. If you download and listen to the podcast, you’ll hear an interesting interview with Dr. Hong Ye, who’s selling a healing product I plan to try on my surgically-repaired knee soon.

In addition to the Rusty Satellite Show, I’m hoping to have the discipline to be a weekend blogger, sort of the like the old Fred Wiche Weekend Gardener, with my weekly Top Five stories. So here you go:

Rob Totten at the debate
Rob Totten at the debate

#1 Creation vs. Evolution: We’re still arguing about this? I watched the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate online this week. It went on for 2 1/2 hours, complete with PowerPoint slides, convincing no one to change their mind about where we came from. I am, by the way, on the side of science. And smart people. My friend Rob Totten, pictured here, went up to the Creation Museum to see the spectacle and got in this great piece at Buzzfeed. I’d say that it’s silly that we’re still holding evolution debates in Kentucky, except I’m concerned that creationists believe we should be teaching our kids and changing textbooks to say the science is wrong, that Noah really could have built a vessel able to hold and feed 14,000 animals for 40 days and nights.

#2 Weather Hype:  After this show was produced, TV weather-foolers predicted a late Friday-early Saturday storm that prompted JCPS officials to cancel Saturday ACT testing. Around 10 we got a light dusting of snow. This weather hype is out of control. JCPS officials are scrambling to make up days when the kids should have gone to school. They let them out early Wednesday for another threat, a storm that didn’t arrive until after 4:30, when kids could have already been home. Stop it!


#3 Car Buying experience: Yes, I got a new car. After helping my son Josh acquire a Ford Fusion, and driving a rental on my trip to New Orleans, I decided to buy one. My friend Chris Hammer works at Franklin Family Chevy in Bardstown, and he found me a great black one at a good price. Just for fun, I went to a local dealer and did the whole back-and-forth routine with a salesman, who eventually brought his manager over, who said he’d have to check with the GM to see if they could match my price. They didn’t.

#4 CVS and Smoking: It’s about time. Since Kentucky’s lawmakers refuse to adopt a statewide smoking ban, and Kentucky’s citizens are determined to rank last in health in the U.S. by having the highest rate of smoking, it was great to see CVS announce it’s not selling cancer sticks after October. It’s a decision to give up a billion-dollar business, but I think CVS executives are just being the boldest, first and smartest. Let’s hope Walgreen’s and Rite-Aid follow suit. Meanwhile, when I have a choice, my business is going to CVS.

#5 Hoffman and Heroin: No one criticized Phillip Seymour Hoffman as an actor. Brilliant, versatile, smart. But Hoffman was an addict, and his death at 46 on Super Bowl Sunday reminded America of the toll drug abuse is taking on our country.