Why You Should Join The Army of Entrepreneurs at Local AFLAC Office

There’s a highly-charged, bright, and fun atmosphere with music streaming all day from a huge video wall at the Dream Big AFLAC regional office just off Linn Station Road in east Louisville. It’s a place where the moment you walk in the door, you’re asked to Dream Big.

That’s the mantra of David Watson, regional director  for the Louisville Dream Big AFLAC Regional office, which provides supplemental  insurance for businesses and individuals. Watson uses all social media to get his message out, and he’s got plenty to talk about. He recently launched a YouTube show called “Dream Big, Be Bold” on the Watson Dream Big Region YouTube channel.

Misty Austin with David Watson

His message appeals to those with an entrepreneurial spirit, who have plenty of energy and determination and want to accomplish something extraordinary.

“We are creating something special here,” said Watson, whose office has tripled its sales since 2014, from $1.3 million and tracking to $3.5 million this year. “Why bet on yourself?  Well Corporate America has moved from pensions to 401K’s and the landscape has changed to an unstable future.  There are no more guarantees or loyalty from corporate America. Sometimes you just have to bet on yourself.”

Watson has recruited a wide variety of individuals who are finding success with AFLAC.

“My Dream Big message resonates with folks,” he said.   “But we’ve shown time and time again that a person can, with training and mentorship, chart their own course and create a bright future here under the umbrella of a Fortune 200 company.”

Watson’s message got through to Misty Austin, who was so inspired by Watson’s YouTube videos that she eventually moved from Florida to Louisville to continue what had already been a successful corporate career. She spent two decades as a corporate leader in finance and insurance.

“This opportunity is so different than what I’ve done before,” said Austin, who joined the Dream Big Regional AFLAC team in January. “The message is so positive and unique, and I love the idea of helping customers. David has a unique vision and is focused on being a servant-leader.”

Austin went through the Dream Big Region’s 13-week training period, which provides the details and motivation for anyone with the right ambition to succeed. Of course, the idea of starting a business on straight commission may be scary to some, but Watson’s program has put many on a path to success.

Within the AFLAC organization, the Louisville Dream Big team gets trainees earning money in just 1.8 weeks, which is half the average time for the territory.

“I don’t see joining this team as a huge risk,” he said. “You have to ask if it’s worth it to Dream Big and create a better future for yourself and potentially create a legacy for future generations because you took the chance.”