Journal 18: Airbnb Praise and a League of Legends Win


Journal for the whole weekend. Saturday in terms of actual stuff happening nothing really, mostly just playing games with people. Had a great diner and a lot of fun so for me a fun day though some might say I wasted my day.

Sunday I was supposed to play golf but I was told in the morning we had a tournament in my game (League of Legends) today. So I didn’t want to disappoint Dad, so I tried to find a replacement to no avail. I decided that I didn’t want to let my team down to where they couldn’t play just cause I couldn’t. So I had to tell Dad that I couldn’t go, but the first place prize was $100 and second was $50. It was a round of 16 single elimination style tournament and we felt pretty good about our chances. It was a long day, every game was very close so our teams mental state was getting pretty weak by the time we made it to the finals. The finals are a best of 5 which usually take quite a while since every game takes 20-50 min usually. Unfortunately we lost 3-1, putting up a good fight every game except for the second one where we got destroyed. We were all pretty bummed but $50 is pretty good and made me think that it was very worth not going to golf today.

RICK: I got back into my house today. My Airbnb guest Josh left to get back to Chicago. When I checked in, the place was spotless, as if no one had been there for two weeks. Also, I have to admit that staying with Paula was also a good experience, one of those relationship tests that I hoped would turn out well. It did. So much so that I’m not all that excited about going back home. Paula and I keep kidding each other about when I have to go back.

And I got an excellent review from my guest for the last two weeks. It said…”Rick was extremely helpful and accommodating. One of our employees stayed at this cottage and had a great time. Everything was perfect.”

So there you go. I’ve been getting a lot of Airbnb inquiries, and with Thanksgiving coming up, and if you need a nice place to put up those in-laws for a few days, I hope you’ll consider my place.

As for Luke’s post, I have to say that as a parent I don’t understand how the experience of playing video games in a quiet house trumps playing golf on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.