Journal #8: Meet Luke’s Pals and a Fear of Dentistry

Our Journal continues.


Since today was boring I’m going to use this day to describe my closer friends.
Chase- He is a bit naïve but has gotten better over the years. He is quite smart which fuels his rather large ego but we have had a lot of laughs, probably my first friend I made in high school. Less laid back as me.
Nico- Of Columbian descent, he is quite like me in that he enjoys computer games, procastinator, and is pretty laid back. Into rock music like Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant, even has his own band (plays the guitar and sings). Our friendship went from being kinda being friends in freshman year to now being very good friends.
Jeff- Quite the “interesting character.” He is very smart but is certaintly different from his background at home. He is a math and computer whiz and also plays games (like most of my friends). He might be a bit different but certainly will grow on you and make you laugh a lot.
Dylan- The only one on this list who isn’t from school. He lives in a town outside Vancouver and I met him on my favorite game, League of Legends. Most days we will at least play for an hour. Very funny yet critical at times (not a bad thing most of the time). Weirdly we met when he randomly messaged me (his friend was on a League of Legends team that I was on) and asked me to play with him and some other guys. We connected quite well and have played together since then.
Those are my closer friends. I was just trying to give you a picture of the people I hang out with.


It’s never fun to go to the dentist. However, I do like mine, Dr. Shawn Moore. I’ve actually seen him out in public and had some nice conversations with him not related to my teeth. And one time he even advertised on one of my projects.

DrMooreSignIt was just a cleaning today.  No sweat, right? I got the usual lecture about flossing and cleaning and getting my wisdom teeth removed, but this time it came from someone new – the hygienist Alex was only a few weeks on the job. I’m fortunate to be going at all. For years, I was either too cheap, didn’t have insurance, or didn’t like the handful of dentists I tried. And there’s nothing easier to put off than going to the dentist.

I fear my neglect may end up costing my sons, though Luke is now on track, and even has braces. Nick and Josh are adults, so it’s up to them whether or not they take care of their teeth, but I don’t think I was a good role model on that score when they were growing up.

Back to Alex, who walked the tightrope between not wanting to upset me and berating me for not flossing enough. Since I have been going to dentists, I’ve been told to get my wisdom teeth removed. Alex, being new to me, started anew on that one, warning me that if I expected to have a nice long life, I’d better get them taken out, else I will have serious and expensive issues. She actually threw in a compliment, telling me that I was so young and needed to get it done.

With all that, I’m going to call the oral surgeon Alex recommended. I might actually go through with it.