Journal Day 4: Differing Views on a Perfect Golf Day

Our Journal Project – Day 4


School today was filled with constitution packets, notes, physic quizzes, and boring French stuff. This is my first day of my journal where I had work at least. I work at Wildwood private golf course so most days lately have been real slow. Today was an exception holy I didn’t sit down once since I got there (I clean the carts, store them, clean members clubs, take care of the driving range, talk to members etc.). I can’t blame them though it was probably gonna be the best day til the end of winter to play.  That’s all for today since once I got home all I did was eat and play games.


Earlier this year, Luke and I at the PGA Championship

Luke’s perspective on golf, that the glorious weather translated to more work, was completely different than mine. It was really fortunate timing in my view that on the day I was scheduled to play in a golf scramble, the weather gods decided to bless us with one beautiful afternoon. My event, which benefitted the Crusade for Children, was held at Quail Chase in the South End. I was invited to play by Jim, who has known me since I was born. Jim, Bill and Wayne were perturbed right off the bat when they learned they had to play the white tees, not the senior tees.

It seemed unlikely we would finish above last, or below par. They warned me I would be the A player, and we did use my drive on every hole. But we managed three birdies and two bogeys, the rest pars, which was at least respectable. And in scrambles, I’ve learned, it doesn’t matter how you score because there’s always one group that is really competitive and uses all the mulligans and strings they can get to get to 15 under.

There was an interesting twist in this event. Leland Conway, the WHAS-Radio mid-morning host, was volunteering on a hole to take a putt for the group for $5. It was a nice gesture and one that you just don’t expect media types to do. I came home with a 3X shirt as a door prize but a tremendous experience on the golf course.