Journal Project Day 2 – A Test, A Trip in the Dark


Today the main exciting thing was we had a big test that a lot of people took. There seemed to be a lot of emphasis on it but it was pretty easy, actually very easy. In U.S. history we talked about how another victim has been affected in Dallas, though I saw a post on the worldnews subreddit on reddit on how the U.N. said if nothing changed for 60 days Ebola would become a very big problem. Currently in English we are reading The Crucible which is a play written by Arthur Miller. It’s pretty interesting and basically all revolves around the Salem witchcraft trials but portrays how the people felt very well.


Scott Martin of the Parklands of Floyds Creek
Scott Martin of the Parklands of Floyds Creek

It’s getting darker in the mornings. When the time changes in a few weeks, it’s going to be even worse. This morning I drove out Taylorsville Road at the crack of dawn to meet Scott Martin, the Parks Director for the city’s new park system.

Driving in unfamiliar territory in total darkness is not pleasant. But while we were doing my Rusty Satellite interview, the skies brightened, and there was a real sense of being close to nature. A pair of deer sprinted through some nearby woods close to where we were sitting, in this beautiful cabin that serves as the Park’s offices.

Naturally, it made me think of how nice it would be to work in such an environment, and for a moment I understood why some people want to live out in the country at an inconvenient distance from civilization. I remember when I tried it, about 11 years ago, just over the line in Bullitt County. Pleasant, yes. Permanent? No thanks.

I’ll take being close to restaurants, stores, parks, gyms and golf courses. I can walk, or ride my bike, to all those amenities right here at my house. But it’s nice to have nature so close, too.

You can hear the interview with Scott at on Thursday morning.