Judy Green…and her “Help” in Louisville

 Did I just fall back into the 1960’s in Louisville, KY? Was there a busing riot in front of Seneca High School…I’m confused.

You fellow readers might have to help me out on this one. Judy Green now has a group of supporters. Well, that’s not out of the ordinary, even with the stain on the dress, Bill Clinton had his.

What is odd to me is that Gracie Lewis, a Green Supporter, just waltzed out of a Book I finished reading the other day called The Help. Gracie knows what happened to Judy Green and her fall from office…and I quote

“To me this whole hearing is about white privilege, that’s what it is… white privilege.”

This group which I will now call “the helpers”also have a petition, signed by some still left in her district that support her. God only knows what the petition states, but if I had sent it around, it would have asked for signatures to help Judy find out what she did with all her paperwork.

Dr. Green’s attorney today could not find e-mails, receipts, documents or time sheets from the Green  Clean Team put together by Judy Green,  the 100 Black Men donation given out by her, or the credit card given to her aide. Hell, she can’t even supply her tax returns from 2009-10. If she was doing her job on the up and up, number one, wouldn’t she   have at least some of that documentation with nothing to hide?

What in the hell does color and privilege have to do with a person doing their job for me and you, Joe Public? Was Judy Green raising white babies for the privileged white people on the city council, and having to use a separate bathroom?  Was she making dinner, and ironing for the same white folks? Did I miss something at the city council meetings?

How about this, Gracie Lewis…how about whether your black or white or red or green, you take accountability for your actions, be heroic for your community and your city…stand by your fellow citizens or step aside to let Louisville move forward.

How about the idea that I don’t see black or privileged white folks, but I do smell something, and it smells bad. Shame on you Gracie Lewis