June 26th Event on new Health Plan That Lowers Costs for Employers

Employers are embracing a new model for their health insurance plans, and benefits, through a recently-organized alliance called Community Health Solutions, LLC, based in Louisville, Ky.  An overview and lively discussion with the area CEOs in attendance will be presented on June 26th at a special breakfast, from 7:45 AM to 9:15AM at the Faulkner Building, 10200 Forest Green Blvd., in the lower level conference room.  Community Health Solutions, LLC, will unveil a new model that encompasses partial self-funding with a benefit and wellness approach that allows for improving healthcare outcomes, while lowering costs.  To register for this free event, contact Michelle Hawkes at 502-548-9900. This discussion is especially designed for CEOs. COOs, and CFOs reaching all levels of companies from small businesses exceeding 50 lives, to multi-site corporations.

Community Health Solutions, LLC, is an alliance structured to provide a new plan mix that addresses the environment that each and every employer is facing, while offering customization on benefits and wellness methodologies.  The alliance is lead by Employee Benefits Administrators, Inc., an administrator of third-party healthcare plans; Appro-Rx, a solutions-based pharmacy partner, and CommMed Health Alliance, Inc., a healthcare management company.

“We believe that better outcomes provide bottom line value, allowing for a cost-savings that allows for increased work-life balance for employees.  There is a much better way for employers to get the right amount of insured healthcare to employees and their families, while delivering that plan in a new way,” said Jeff Baltas, CEO of Employee Benefits Administrators, and the new CEO of Community Health Solutions, LLC.

The alliance leadership will present an update on healthcare reform and the shift to self-funding, showing how Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and independent pharmacies are playing a role in education and communication allowing employees and employers to control their healthcare destiny.

Community Health Solutions, LLC, can provide a feasibility analysis for your company, allowing a fresh look at your healthcare plan as it stands.  Once this is complete, the leadership of Community Health Solutions, LLC, will design an innovative health and wellness solution for your specific needs.  “We have a passion for helping others and I can tell you that we sleep well at night because we impact health and healthcare at the individual level.  We believe that we can change healthcare delivery in this commonwealth, first, and then moving to others,” Baltas said.

Seating is limited, so employers are encouraged to register today at 502-548-9900, or send email to michelle.hawkes@commhealthsolutions.com.