Just Another Magic Media Monday

King made cards travel from this woman's bra to his pocket

The renovation of Whiskey Row Lofts, including Squirrelly’s Magic Tea Room, is pretty spectacular. I went to the grand opening Saturday night, right above the Bearno’s, and got to speak with Valle Jones, who is responsible for the project along her brother Stephen. Architect Bill Weyland showed me an amazing 5th floor apartment, with the Yum! Center right outside the window, that was the only vacant spot among 35 units. If you’re apartment hunting, this one rents for $2,500.

There are five restaurants and four unique special event spaces, including the renovated 100-seat theater and a penthouse suite with terrace views of the Arena plaza and Ohio River.  The entertainment, a tribute to Larry Jones, Valle and Stephen’s father, was Vegas headliner Mac King, who did some amazing work with ropes, cards, fig newtons and goldfish. It was more amazing than his baggy plaid suit was that he made a Budweiser appear out of thin air.

Stephen George, now working for Yarmuth

Great George News: Remember LEO editor Stephen George?  It was Louisville’s loss when the acclaimed journalist packed his bags to join LEO’s sister paper in Nashville a few years back. Now he’s got a new job at Communications Director for Congressman John Yarmuth, his old boss at LEO.  His predecessor, Trey Pollard, took a new job with the Sierra Club in Washington. Congrats, Stephen. Looking forward to getting all those news releases.

We’ll Miss You, Andy Alcock: Not many reporters stay on the job at one station for 14 years, but that’s how long WLKY’s Andy Alcock has been prowling Metro Hall for the news station. Alcock, who hails from the Chicago area, decided to move back closer to home and family. Here’s his good-bye message. Andy was always tenacious in pursuing exclusives and catching public officials doing bad things.

Candyce Returns: WDRB’s Candyce Clifft returned to the airwaves from maternity leave this morning. She seems happy.


The spectacular result of preserving an old stairway. PHOTO: Lucas Redding