Keeping Halloween spooky even if your kids think they are too old.

As of Wednesday, she’s 13, a milestone which, according to my daughter means she’s officially “too old” to dress up and trick or treat at the Louisville Zoo’s Not-So Scary Halloween.  So instead, I scared the heck out of her beneath the Zoo, with a trip to the Mega Zip, in the deep dark belly of the Mega Cavern.

Adventurous types know that zip lines deliver an adrenaline rush as well as a bird’s-eye perspective on beautiful surroundings.  The view from the Mega Zip turns that experience upside down.    It’s the World’s first underground zip line. So, instead of tickling the tree tops we zoomed under their roots. The Mega Cavern’s many miles of deep canyons and limestone pillars leave plenty of room for the trip’s 5 zip lines and 2 Indiana Jones style suspension bridges.  The two hour tour is packed with aerial action which will test anyone’s mettle.

A little scary?  You bet. And as for the spooky factor, nothing gets the hair to stand up on the back of the neck quite like hurling yourself off a narrow wooden platform into the darkness.   If the zip line doesn’t scare you, the ghost of a Native American girl, who our guides explain could “show herself at anytime”, can do the trick.

I took my daughter to the Mega Zip on a day off from school.  Hey parents, keep this activity in your back pocket when the long Winter Break starts wearing you down.  We know that keeping our kids active is important and this Mega Zip trip can do the trick.  Not only is this underground experience a THRILL your kids will thank you for, it’s also provides a fair amount of physical exertion.  The guides, supervised by  Greg Higgs, are fabulous.  They check, re check and then check again every piece of safety equipment throughout the trip.  They somehow remember everyone’s name, plus, are full of fascinating facts about the Mega Cavern (which helps to take your mind off the height, the darkness, and the ghost!).  Once you let go of the fear of equipment failure  and heights , you’ll truly enjoy sailing across the abyss.  You can add a little education to your kids experience with the history of zip lines.  Seems that they were originally used to move bulky items across mountain ranges and even made an appearance in H. G. Wells’ 1897 novel, “The Invisible Man.” Graduate students in Costa Rica began using zip lines in the 1970s to get close to plants and animals along the rainforest canopy.

BTW,there are weight limits, under 55 pounds and over 285 are not allowed to ride.  Everyone wears a body harness, helmet, and sturdy shoes.  Don’t over dress, the guides advise you leave your heavy coats  back at base camp. 

Whether you choose the Mega Zip as a Spooky Halloween experience or a Winter Break get-a-way that’s not so Far-A-Way   Jordan and I give this adrenaline adventure the thumbs up.   What did she think was the best part?  “ALL OF IT!”   For ALL THE DETAILS  for the Mega Cavern and Mega Zip.  Enjoy!