Kentucky State Transportation Lets $41.4 Million Go Wasted!

Transportation - Not a toy
A choice for wealth and health

OUTRAGEOUS! The Kentucky Department of Transportation will give up $41.4 million – even though they could have been using the funds to build better bicycling infrastructure, provide bicyclist education, install bike parking. Now they choose instead to send the money back to Washington. Meanwhile, we live in one of the most dangerous places in the U.S. for walking and cycling. And we rank at the bottom of the national Fitness Index. Let KDOT and Congress know you’re not healthy or wealthy enough to give up $41.4 M.

You can do something about it!

  • Join Bicycling for Louisville. We want better choices for transportation that can lead to better health and wealth for our community.
  • Support People for Bikes – Go to and join a million voices for active transportation.

Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease.

PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane.
Share the road.

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Enjoy the ride home.
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