exp Realty – Benefits of Being an Agent

exp Realty-Benefits of Being an Agent in Louisville

EXP Realty benefits of being an agentReal Estate is a rewarding profession that only continues to grow. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, there are approximately 2 million real estate licensees in the U.S. that are active. Rick Robey of exp Realty is a Realtor that has garnered numerous awards for selling over 2,000 homes. Working with exp Realty, individuals interested in pursuing the industry will find that there are many benefits to being an agent on a winning team. 

The real estate industry is an enticing profession for many because the earnings can be substantial. People all over the country are always buying and selling property. According to the NAR, in 2019 alone, there were 5.34 million houses sold. Of the homes that were sold, over 600,000 were new construction. There is more great news, roughly 63% of the families in the United States are owners of their primary residence. In addition to residential properties, commercial buildings are bought and sold on a regular basis. The benefits to being an agent at exp Realty as an agent provides an opportunity to reach new heights in a thriving industry. 

exp Realty Benefits of Joining a Winning Louisville Team

Becoming a successful Realtor requires a personal investment of time and money. Regardless, most real estate professionals discover that the return on becoming a licensed Realtor is worth the sacrifice. The bottom line is that joining a successful team such as exp Realty has the potential to offer several advantages for real estate agents. 

Rick Robey of exp Realty has been a licensed Realtor since 1989 following an 8-year career in the NBA. As an industry leader, Rick has established his company as a leading source for buying and selling properties in Louisville, KY. Additionally, Rick’s Team ranked #1 in Kentucky and Tennessee for Sales. To add to the number of achievements earned by exp Realty, Rick reached the 100% Club, Hall of Fame, Chairman’s Circle and Platinum Club. Moreover, Rick’s real estate team was also ranked among the Top 10 for over a decade. One of the main benefits of joining exp Realty is that agents will belong to a powerhouse team with a strong reputation. 

There is no reason why a real estate agent should go it alone. Working with an experienced firm provides the opportunity to gain more knowledge. Realtors in the state of Kentucky are required to complete at least 96 hours of coursework to become licensed. Buyers and sellers rely on Realtors to be subject matter experts. The areas that real estate agents study are practice and principles, law, economics, property management, finance, administration, lending, interest, appraisal and escrow to name a few. 

An Award-Winning Real Estate Team

exp Realty is an award-winning team. The benefits of joining include working with a professional Realtor such as Rick Robey who was named a RE/MAX Hall of Fame Member and awarded a RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. exp Realty is all about delivering expertise to buyers and sellers. The company is a growing organization that continues to break records. Furthermore, joining exp Realty means that agents are able to retain 80-100% of their commissions. The company provides an opportunity for agents to become shareholders in their very own company. In addition to the aforementioned perks, real estate agents pay no desk fees, zero royalties and zero franchise fees.

Real estate agents have access to an 80/20 commission model that has a cap of $16,000. Based on how well a sales team performs, agents become eligible for ½ – ¼ cap. Beyond the $16,000 cap, agents are entitled to 100% commission throughout the extent of their anniversary year. As a result, agents with exp net generous commissions.

Revenue Share Opportunities

Through a revenue share program, sponsor agents can earn a percentage of new agents on closed transactions. Revenues earned through the program pay up to 7 different tiers. Because of this unique model, agents are the driving force for growth at the company. 

Agents who are up to a unique challenge might consider joining exp Realty. The company is expanding around the world with a ground-breaking model. Moreover, the industry leader achieved status as the top independent brokerage company on the REAL Trends 500 Report. Featured in five different categories, the company uses tech-savvy tools to successfully close real estate transactions all over the country. In 2019, the company ranked #4 in the Billionaires’ Club having closed at least $1 billion in sales. exp Realtors are thriving in a fast-paced industry. 

A Growing Real Estate Company

With over 31,000 agents all over the world, the company is a global one that is changing the industry. In 2020, exp held it’s Shareholder Summit online which included attendees from 27 different countries. No stranger to technology, exp forayed into the virtual world in the year 2009. As a result, the company was able to respond to world changes quickly. 

Through commission, revenue share and stock offerings, real estate agents can be on an upward trajectory. exp has taken real estate transactions beyond traditional means, using cloud-based systems. Agents are at the heart of the company which removed the traditional top-down business model. The results were astounding. Furthermore, agents can increase profits with low cost methods and industry-leading tools. The tools that are in place encourage greater productivity.

With exp Realty, agents do not have to go it alone. Through a unique business model, real estate professionals can gain expertise. Attractive opportunities for professional growth and earnings draw agents from around the world. In Louisville, Kentucky, Rick Robey’s team continues to break industry records.

Buyers and sellers depend on real estate agents to provide industry expertise. exp Realty is indeed an expert in real estate. Furthermore, boards and associations license Realtors. Additionally, Realtors must meet ethics guidelines. Dedicating over 90 hours of coursework to growing knowledge, Realtors are key players in closing transactions. The investment is worthwhile as a real estate agent with exp. Agents have an opportunity to work with influential Realtors while also using technology to streamline closings. Additionally, there are more opportunities for agents to earn more revenue from sales. 

experience the benefits of working with an award-winning team, Join exp Realty as an Agent. Contact Rick Robey at 502-419-9001