Know Your Local News Types


Let’s have a news quiz. See if you can tell why each person is in the news:

Judy Green: After LEO’s scathing story last week, Green has been investigated by every local media outlet, and the Courier-Journal turned up even more batshit crazy activities in a follow-up story on Sunday.

Karen Sypher:  Facing 87 months in jail, the Pitino-extortionist will do anything to keep her name in the news and avoid going to jail, even making a speech at a local African-American church, saying she feels “blessed” at a low time in her life.

Madeline, all dolled up. PHOTO: NFocus

Madeline Abramson: The former First Lady of Louisville is the cover girl for this month’s NFocus Magazine, talking about her charity work for the Red Cross.

Michael Bush: If you’re a famous NFL running back, you can get drunken driving charges against you dropped in Clark County and get off with a $1,000 fine and probation.

Brandon Davies: If you’re a BYU basketball player, you can get suspended for a season for having sex with your girlfriend.

Charlie Sheen: Tiger Blood? Winning? Adonis?

Allan Cowen: Proof that collecting enemies and dollars in a long career in the Arts will get you branded a “petty martinet” by the local paper.

Sheldon Berman: Is he bucking for a new career as an editorial writer? The JCPS boss, whose latest piece describes the audits of local schools, has a lot more to say as a lame duck than as a sitting supe

Steve Langford: The long-time GM at WAVE is done with local TV.

Rachel Alexandra:  Congrats to a Horse.Horse-Year-Rachel-Alexandra-foal?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|Home”> She’s pregnant.