Krekel Party at Saints is the Place to get a Special CD

They’ve only made 300 copies, so you might want to arrive early at Saints Saturday to get the special CD produced by Tim Krekel’s musical friends. As Rusty Satellite Show listeners heard on the show this week, the songs were recorded shortly before Krekel’s death eight years ago. It was the result of a request Tim made to Steve Eilers, who was interviewed on the podcast.

Steve Eilers

“Tim asked me to get his friends to record his songs, so he could hear them,” Eilers explained. And Krekel did get to hear most of the songs on the CD. It’s taken eight years to get rights to release them to the public. Money raised will go to MERF (Musicians Emergency Resource Foundation).

I’ve listened to the CD twice, and am reminded of Krekel’s talent as a songwriter. My favorite is the one Eilers says is the “best damn blues song of all time.”  On the CD, “Blues as Blues Can Get” is performed by Brigid Kaelin. But from Jimmy Garland’s “Perfect World” to “Keep the Light On” from John Mann, every song is a gem. Eilers, who played acoustic shows with Krekel, recorded “Glimpse of Paradise”.

Eilers said the party at Saints is a celebration that will be attended by at least 18 of the acts who perform on the CD. The party starts at 8 and is scheduled to last until 2.

“This was a labor of love, pieced together by a community I’m very proud to be a part of. Please come out to Saints and celebrate the life of my father. Help us spread the love he, his friends,and his family are all about,” said Katy Krekel.

You can listen to the Rusty Satellite Show, which includes interviews with Steve Eilers and entrepreneur Pai Charasika, at this link.

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