KY Derby in Texas this year, show updates, and playing accordion with Suzy Bogguss.

After 18 hours and thirty-three minutes in my Mom’s Camry yesterday, two books, and several podcasts, I am in Texas. You may wonder what a good Kentucky girl is doing away from Kentucky on DERBY WEEKEND. I am wondering the same thing. I turned down gigs with Love Jones, at the Mint Jubilee, and several fancy schmancy parties because we’d already made these Texas plans … but I’m not looking back. I’ll just watch on TV.

Thankfully, I remember my password, and we’re throwing a Derby Party here in Texas. It’s a throwback to my college days in New York, when I insisted on throwing a Derby party the weekend before finals in my dorm room. People never understood when they got the invite, but by the time the 8th race (it was a long time ago) rolled around, they were all screaming for their Horse to run. I’m expecting these Texans will get the spirit by mid-afternoon.

Also, we’ve got a house full of out-of-towners crashing and celebrating at the Louisville house, so at least it’s getting its annual celebration, even if we’re not there to supervise. Great thing about Louisville … hospitality abounds this week. I just hope we left our guests enough bourbon.

In other good news, the high today in Texas is 91 degrees, which is just about the perfect temperature. FWT is taking the cover off the pool at his parents’ house right now, and I’m biding my time until I can practice my backflips.

I’ll keep you posted on my wagering and my Texas Kentucky Derby Party, but in the mean time … I’ll be back in time to play with Bob Schneider at Phoenix Hill on Tuesday, May 10. Y’all should be over your Derby hangovers by then, so I’ll see you next week.

In the mean time, enjoy a video of Suzy Bogguss singing “Red River Valley” with me on the accordion. Thanks to Audrey Cecil and Amanda Lucas for taking photos/videos of that show. It was a good one. (Go hear them play sometime!)