Landbank Authority approves sales of 50 vacant properties in LouisvilleKY

Louisville, KY., – 50 vacant properties in various neighborhoods were approved for sale to buyers by the Landbank Authority at its November meeting. An increase in sales can be attributed to new programs of the Vacant & Public Property Administration, which debuted on October 20. The programs are designed to provide more opportunity for residents to purchase Landbank Authority-owned vacant properties.

For comparison, 56 vacant properties were sold in all of 2016 and 36 vacant properties had been sold in 2017 year-to-date.

The following structures were demolition candidates but were approved for sale as part of the new program called “Last Look.” Each structure has been saved from demolition, will be renovated and used for either rental property or homeownership.

  • District 1—3417 Hale Avenue, 1206 S. 41st Street, 1105 S. 28th Street
  • District 3—2308 Woodland Avenue, 2610 Woodland Avenue, 1839 Gaulbert Avenue, 1522 S. 31st Street
  • District 4—964 S. Shelby Street, 923 S. Jackson Street, 423 E. Ormsby Avenue
  • District 5—722 Sutcliffe Avenue, 679 S. 38th Street, 3814 Alford Avenue, 692 Madelon Court, 401 Louis Coleman Drive, 3018 Madison Street, 3117 W. Jefferson Street, 124 N. 26th Street, 204 N. 26th Street, 214 N. 26th Street
  • District 6—2122 Wilson Avenue, 1464 S. 9th Street, 1342 S. Preston Street, 1717 Hale Avenue
  • District 15—2918 Allen Avenue, 2817 S. 6th Street

City of Louisville skyline

The following properties were approved to be sold as a part of a new program called “Cut It, Keep it” that allows property owners on the same block as a Landbank Authority-owned vacant lot to buy that lot and to maintain it for three years.

  • District 4—114 S. 20th Street, 651 Bergman Street
  • District 5—225 S. 26th Street, 219 S. 28th Street, 2905 Bank Street, 2822 W. Chestnut Street, 3111 W. Jefferson Street, 3804 River Park Drive, 3808 River Park Drive, 3834 River Park Drive
  • District 6—2605 W. Kentucky Street

The following properties were sold to buyers through a Request for Proposal process:

  • District 1—2928 Virginia Avenue
  • District 6—2626 W. Kentucky Street

The following lots were approved to be sold to next door neighbors for their use as a side yard.

  • District 1—1017 Louis Coleman Jr. Drive
  • District 4—2312 W. Madison Street, 2321 Magazine Street
  • District 5—420 S. 27th Street, 2824 W. Chestnut Street, 2921 Duncan Street, 2508 Garfield Avenue, 3904 W. Main Street 2814 W. Kentucky Street
  • District 6—1765 Wilson Avenue, 2015 Woodland Avenue

Any parties interested in purchasing a Metro-owned vacant property or lot should call a Real Estate Coordinator with the Vacant & Public Property Administration at 574-4200. For more information on the Vacant & Public Property Administration and to find a list of properties for sale, please visit