Last Week NOW: Andy, Humana, Ford and Tying One On

With apologies to John Oliver, presents all the news from LAST week, here and now, good and bad, official and suspect.

Moving On with Andy Treinen: Tough business, TV news. So WHAS-TV’s Andy Treinen is getting out at 46. In a Facebook farewell after nine years doing the morning show, Treinen said he has no immediate plans except to spend weekday mornings and evenings with his wife Wendy. Treinen said WHAS offered to have him stay, but that 25 years of TV news is enough. Rare for TV departures, the station gave Treinen’s leaving a lot of coverage.WHAS-TV

Nervous? Yes. This Could be Bad for our Health. Humana employs 13,000 locals. Rumors of a sale struck fear into local officials. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal opened its story with:  Health insurer Humana Inc. is exploring a possible sale of the company, a move that could trigger a round of mergers in an industry grappling with challenges and opportunities the federal health-care overhaul has created. (Insider)

Yes, but Ford Loves Us: If our collective ego was smarting at the thought of a Humana sale, we were buoyed by Ford CEO Mark Field’s encouraging words about Ford at a GLI luncheon Friday. Field’s money quote: “Louisville is, literally, the gateway to the world.” (Insider)

This Week’s Crazy Dan Johnson story: Apparently the Metro Councilman was worried that his safety was in jeopardy because a security guard was removed from a City Hall entrance. So he called Council chief David Tandy, a call that resulted in Johnson posting a message on Facebook claiming he’d been threatened. Tandy’s quote: “I’m trying to be tactful. This has been a pressing issue for him for whatever reason. He is the only person on the council who has brought this up as an issue. . . ” Courier

$873 Million and the Headline is No New Taxes: A new library in Okolona, body cameras for cops, infrastructure and affordable housing construction. And a bit of controversy — $400K for a new roof on the still-empty Louisville Gardens. (Courier)

What It Costs to Live Here: According to a post at, if you want to live here and rent a “modest” 2-bedroom apartment (at $737/month), you better be making at least $15 an hour, or almost $30K annually. So, if you need a better job, check out our friends at Snelling Staffing.

Cards Win!  U of L’s baseball team packed in big crowds and won the NCAA Regional at Patterson Field, whipping Michigan in the Final. The season rolls on for Coach Dan MacDonell’s squad. (Twitter)

This is Better Than Politics: Our own exclusive story on former Mayoral candidate Chris Thieneman’s new venture in Thailand – Tie One on in Thailand. Listen to Chris discuss it on The Rusty Satellite Show.

No Letterman, But 100 Makes a Rusty Milestone: There were 4,263 episodes of the David Letterman Show. So maybe 100 Rusty Satellite Shows is no big deal. But it’s a good excuse for a party. You don’t have to be one of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville to come. (100th Show Invite)

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