Let’s Go To The Digital Beach!

 It’s snowing again. I’m done and I can’t wait for spring break. If we miss any more school, we might even lose that and that makes me cranky!

 I’ve noticed that over that past few days people on Facebook have been taking short little digital breaks to the beach. Friends are posting last summer’s vacation pictures or dreaming out load about trips to come. The sheer number of uploaded cruise photos must be in the millions.  I have a friend in Florida who keeps remaining everyone what the temperature is there. (I wonder who else is tempted to block him.)  I have another friend who is moving to Hawaii to retire.  He’s got the right idea!

 The interesting part of all this is that it’s still cold and snowy and there is no end in sight, but I feel better hearing about trips to the beach and looking at peoples’ cruise photos. This new digital Pub we all visit each night to share our yearning for sand and sun seems to have the same effect as the real thing. (Although I wish Facebook had a real fire to sit around!)

 I wonder if this is good. Before Facebook I never called friends during the month of February and talked about the beach. I guess I could have gotten vacation photos out and looked at them, but I never did. I certainly never had conversations with people from high school, college and former co-workers in the same evening.

 All in all, a digital trip to the beach is better than nothing.