Let’s Go Toppers and Cheerleader News

I don’t imagine you’re working today, or Monday, but at least you’re not paying extra to have the city’s sanitation workers clean up your Christmas junk. Yesterday Metro Government announced that there will be  no overtime for sanitation workers after Christmas. So that stuff might sit there an extra day or two. Good move.

Fischer’s Year-End Media Tour: Yesterday Greg Fischer granted plenty of one-on-one end-of-year interviews with TV reporters. The big news is that he expects to narrow the 16 candidates for police chief to one by April.

Trap Game?: I’m sure I won’t be the only WKU grad cheering on the Hilltoppers at the Yum! Center tonight. My only hope is that the Cards might be looking past Western, with next week’s games with Georgetown and Kentucky looming, and maybe they won’t be ready to play. Barring a looking-ahead letdown, there’s no reason to think this WKU team can make this one close.  Western is 4-8, including a loss to a better-than-you-think Murray State. Also IUPUI. Ugh.

Jack Conway is checking out Sarah Jones

Today’s Excuse to Use a Ben-Gal Cheerleader Pic: Our own AG, Jack Conway, is investigating this 26-year-old northern Kentucky teacher, who is in trouble for something, th0ugh no one’s saying why Conway has assigned a special prosecutor to the case. She’s been in the news before, when pictures of her appeared on a web site called The Dirty.com.

Whad’ya Know About That: WFPL is making a bunch of changes to its schedule in January, including dropping Whad’ya Know from its schedule. If you really want to hear it, it’s online.

Want To Do Some Good?: The Healing Place is getting close to a significant goal.

X-Tacy-tatic Shopping: They’ve still got some inventory at Ear X-Tacy, so they’re open with rock-bottom prices from Noon to 7 today.

Suing Constable: Really? Now David Whitlock is dragging his case to court. The constable who shot an innocent woman in a Wal-mart parking lot thinks he’s been mistreated.

Department of Disgusting: A woman filed a police report that her kids’ presents had been stolen. Except when confronted, she admitted she took them back to the store so she could buy cigarettesFrom WDRB, “…35-year-old Timothy J. Smith placed a camera in the bedroom of his 15-year-old stepdaughter, so that he could shoot videos of her emerging naked from her shower.” . . . From WLKY, two brothers schemed to steal cars from Ahmad Fadhil’s car lot after he made the mistake of trusting them.