List of Cancellations: Everything

We are apparently getting the promised snowstorm. As I write this at 2:30, it’s coming down hard outside the window here. JCPS let out high schools at Noon, elementary schools at 1:25, and Luke has already called to see about going sledding. U of L called off classes tonight, and I expect that whatever your event is tonight – fugeddabout it. Which is too bad for the Voice-Tribune people, who have a big party scheduled at the Kentucky Center, and it’s media darling Angie Fenton‘s 36th birthday and all.  She’s probably relieved. It’s canceled.

And how’s this for irony. Bellarmine had a lecture scheduled today by an expert on polar bears. They’ve pushed it back to Friday at 2:30.

Still, it’s my contention that we’ve become quite the wimpy locale when it comes to snow.  I was driving down South Hurstbourne  around Jeffersontown about 1:30, and even though the snow was piling up, the roads were clear. The Metro Council is really skeered, as it called off its Majority Caucus meeting last night, nearly 24 hours before the first flake fell.

It's really, truly snowing.

The snow does make us all depend on mainstream media, and advertisers clamor to get on those snow announcements, so in at least one way it’s an economic boost.  Without elections and weather, I dare say TV stations might not survive.

And how about the activity here at Hope you’ll check out Abby Miller‘s snow report from Kroger, Bob Sokoler’s piece on home remodeling, Mollie Yunker‘s examination of thermal imaging, and Dawn Yankeelov‘s analysis of the health care debate. And that’s just today. Here’s some other things for those who want to know what’s going on, besides snow.

Can You Hear Me now? If you’ve been to the Yum Center, you probably had trouble using your phone inside. You don’t think Jim Host would let that continue, did you? They’ve installed a “technologically advanced Distributed Antenna System” that will make it easier for you to text away and check stats on your ESPN iPhone app inside the arena. Of course it’s a convenience for fans, but I suspect the real incentive for the Host crew to get this fixed was the opportunity being missed for texting promotions inside.

And the Silver Circle Goes to: The folks who bring you the Emmy Awards have announced that four journalists will get the prized Silver Circle Award next month, recognizing lasting contributions to the TV industry in the Ohio Valley Region. So let’s hear it for former WAVE-TV political reporter Dave Nakdimen, who spent 36 years on the air before retiring in 1997.

Look Who Finally Got a Job: Steve Kragthorpe named offensive coordinator at LSU.

Becca Gets a Promotion: Over at the Louisville Live Morning Show on the CW, Becca White has been promoted to full-time co-host.  I can remember a few short years ago when she was a glorified gopher when I used to appear on the show. She’s since done some reporting and filled in occasionally as the show went through a series of hosts – Dan Spangler, Craig Hoffman, Julie Smith. . . .  She and Tara Bassett are now the show’s co-hosts.

Stupidity Reigns: 7-year-old brat throws a ball, hitting a truck belonging to police officer. Even though there’s no damage, the officer writes the kid a citation. Then he called the kid’s Mom a bad parent.  Chief White said Officer Cody Chapelle “showed absolutely no common sense,” and give him a 15-day suspension.