Listen Up — Eric Crawford in Studio, Tyler Allen in Transit with Rusty


If you haven’t driven around downtown lately, I recommend you call up Tyler Allen and let him whip you through the bridge construction debris and listen in as he tells you about all the mistakes made along the way, how Jerry Abramson insulted him and how he really believed the city would adopt the interstate-dismantling 8664 plan.

Allen, who since his failed race for Mayor has been running his own business and tidying up some family business affairs, is without doubt the city’s foremost authority on, and critic of, the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The sound is a little rough during the Allen interview, but please listen all the way through. You’ll get a bigger treat when you hear my talk with WDRB’s Eric Crawford, who’s got a lot more going for him than sports reporting. Eric’s started writing a weekly non-sports column for the station. He also tells me about the process of writing a book with Rick Pitino and how he deals with all those online comments.

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