LMAS urges public to take precautions after Coyote sightings in LouisvillekY

Louisville, KY., – Louisville Metro Animal Services is urging residents in Strathmoore Village and on Schuff Lane to take precautions after multiple sightings of coyotes in the area recently.

Animal Control was called to the 1500 block of Schuff lane on Monday, February 18th after 6 Llamas were killed and 7 more were injured in an attack. LMAS cannot confirm whether a coyote, small dog or other animal was responsible for the attack, but residents told animal control they had seen coyotes in the area recently.

LMAS urges residents on Schuff Lane and in Strathmoor Village to be on the look-out for coyotes, and report any sighting to Animal Control by calling 502-473-PETS.

Photo from Louisvilleky.gov
Photo from Louisvilleky.gov

If you encounter a coyote:
-don’t panic, run, approach or turn your back
-stand your ground and make loud noises (clap, stomp your feet, yell and wave your arms)

Take precautions:
-do not leave pet food outside
-do not leave small children unattended while outside
-do not leave pets outside and supervise them while in the yard
-do not allow your dog to chase or play with a coyote
-secure garbage containers
-stay away from pups and dens (breeding season begins around February and coyotes roam more)

For more information about what to do if you encounter a coyote, click here.