Loathing Richie Edition for Friday

We made it… Friday, another bad day for Richie Farmer.

Bad move, Richie

Not Fit For Office: Aren’t you glad you didn’t make Richie Farmer your new Lt. Gov.?  I saw Richie’s concession speech on Election Night, and he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on that stage, thanking supporters for helping him through a tough year.Looks like he wanted to get his girlfriend home to be ready for work the next day.

Richie lacks judgment, the ability to discern between right and wrong, and doesn’t deserve the trust of the public. Turns out he hired his girlfriend Oct. 31, didn’t bother to tell David Williams, and apparently thought it was OK, knowing he was going to lose the election. Now he’s hiding from the media. I’d say we’ve seen the last of Richie’s political career. (Herald-Leader)

No Un-Friending Here: Steve Shaw’s anti-Facebook column in LEO in causing quite a stir, coming as it did to celebrate the Jimmy Kimmel-inspired National Un-Friend Day. But whether Steve and Jimmy like it or not, that’s where 4 million of us are wasting our time. Half of those users are on the site every day, as I learned at a compelling presentation at Blackstone Media yesterday, where Taylor Trusty explained how Facebook’s advertising platform, right now, is the bomb for targeting people based on all that info you give them.

Trusty, who knows more than we do about such things, explained how he connected with less than 300 people who are uniquely qualified for a potential position by spending $2.91 on Facebook. No wonder nobody advertises in the paper anymore.

NOTE: At least in my world, the Un-Friending movement was a non-event. I don’t de-friend anyone, and save for a few ex-girlfriends, I don’t think anyone’s un-friended me yet.

Where the Hipsters Were Hanging: I went to the Forge presentation at the Green Building last night to see a presentation by Katie Bush, who runs a design company that helps startups get funding. Good advice : Act Bigger Than You Are; Get Out of the Box; Make Your Brand Yours; Get Your Story Down. I would add — don’t misspell “guerrilla” in your PowerPoint. Bush lives here, but most of her clients are in Silicon Valley. Most everyone in local technology was there, perhaps biding time before the Bob Seger Show.

Call It a Bargain, The Best You Ever Had: After Thanksgiving, the doors to Ear X-tacy will open and music lovers will feast on leftover inventory.   The store will be open Saturday and Sunday.

And No Shooting Shoplifters in the Foot: Bravo to Kelly Downard, David James and Rick Blackwell for attempting to reign in Constable David Whitlock, who thinks his elected office of constable allows him to chase down people in his car with sirens and deputize his pals. New rules proposed at last night’s Metro Council meeting clarify what Whitlock, and other constables, can and can not do. How about eliminating the office, guys?

NuLu ReDo: Interesting idea proposed at Insider Louisville.  Could Portland become the next NuLu? Gill Holland thinks so.

You Didn’t Think Sandusky was the Only Perv in College Sports:  Prepare for more revelations, like this one at Syracuse.