Local author spotlight welcomes Jason Jordan

Welcome!  Jason, tell Louisville readers about yourself. I noticed a familiar-looking bridge on one of your book covers. Are you from Louisville? Whereabouts? 

Author Jason Jordan
Author Jason Jordan

I was born in Louisville and raised in New Albany. Currently I live in Athens, Ohio, where I attend the PhD program for Creative Writing at Ohio University.

Tell us about your latest project. 

My most recent book is The Dying Horse, a post-apocalyptic novella that was released this past January via Main Street Rag. The protagonist, Erik, is left home alone when all sorts of natural disasters render technology useless because there are no longer functioning power sources, cell phone towers, etc. So, Erik sets off to reconnect with his family and, during his trip, transitions between the real world and the dream world.

Where do Louisville/Southern Indiana readers know you from, outside of your books? 

Any local readers probably know me from decomP–the monthly online magazine that I edit. It was founded in Louisville in 2004, so there’s been plenty of time to establish and maintain a readership. I think we’re publishing great work on a consistent basis.

Who are your favorite writers from the local area? 

Alive: Patrick Wensink! Dead: Hunter S. Thompson. I’d love to see a Thompson banner somewhere in downtown Louisville, but he may be too controversial to ever get one.

I hear you loud and clear.  Seems a no-brainer to me.  !Tell us about your favorite bookstores/coffee shops/writing haunts. What makes them special? 

In Louisville I like Heine Bros. Coffee and Carmichael’s Bookstore on Bardstown Road. What drew me to those two places is that they’re connected to each other, so you can buy a book and walk down the hall where you can have a cup of coffee. The atmosphere is nice. One of my favorite bookstores is Quimby’s in Chicago. They have a great selection if you’re looking for quirky, indie stuff. I’ve never been to Powell’s in Portland, Oregon, but I’ve heard it’s great too.

What’s next on the writing slate, for you? 

I’ve finished a draft of a novella provisionally titled Collection of Human Oddities, about a guy who opens a freak show in Brooklyn in the ’70s. I hope to revise it over the next year to get it in better shape. Other than that, I’m always working on flash fictions and short stories. decomP is a never-ending job as well, so there’s no shortage of work for me.

Sounds like it!  Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your work!

Readers, if you know an author who deserves to shine in the Local Author Spotlight, please get in touch.  Either side of the river is fine–we speak Southern Indianaese, too!  Books about relevant local subject matter are encouraged, as well.  Email RedTashBooks@gmail.com and please put “LouisvilleKY.com Author Spotlight” in your email subject.  Thanks!

Stay tuned for more local author news.  I hope you’re discovering some fantastic new reads, from names new and old on the literary scene.

Leslea Tash is a Southern Indiana journalist-turned-novelist.  Formerly known for a weekly national column on parenting and family life, she now writes dark fantasy like the 5 Star Amazon hit Troll Or Derby under the pen name Red Tash, and the new holiday release Let it Snow! Season’s Readings for a Super-Cool Yule! (all profits to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief).  She always welcomes your feedback on this column on the LouisvilleKY.com site, on Facebook, on her websites or twitter.