Locally-owned beef jerky plant, Pap’s, to open in Louisville

Rise & Shine – Time to Make the Jerky

Pap’s Food Plant Opening with Beef Jerky & Eggs
4790 Crittenden Dr., Louisville, KY 40209

 Thursday, November 19, 2020   7:30AM

Call to Action for the Public: Adopt a Dog between Opening Day to End of 2020 & Receive a Pap’s “Puppy Bag”


Pap’s pays for 25% of Adoption Fee

Louisville, KY Jim Richardson, Founder of Pap’s Foods, is proud to announce his newest sensation: Pap’s Beef Jerky! Pap’s Food Plant located at­­­­­ 4790 Crittenden Drive. On Thursday November 19th at 7:30AM, Pap’s welcomes the media, invited guests, Greater Louisville Inc, and a few lucky beef jerky lovers to meet the team, take a tour, and talk some jerky. Each guest will receive a Boxed Breakfast including, Beef Jerky and an Egg Wrap! And there is a special perk for the first 20 people who visit Pap’s Jerky FB page and leave us a PM stating “Talk Jerky to Me” – an invitation to personally see how their favorite jerky is made!

“In” with the new concept and “out” with the old – the new home of Pap’s was an old distribution center for heavy lifting equipment. Pap’s purchased the building in November 2019 and gave it an entirely new interior uphaul from floors/mechanicals/drainage systems, etc. They also added a massive air purification system with carbon filters so that the air inside the plant is completely filtered 8 times per hour, ensuring the freshest possible environment in which to lovingly produce their jerky.

Pap’s Foods began in 2012 and boasts over ­­­­4 varieties of jerky including Grippo’s BBQ, Hot, Pitmasters, and Mild. Beef Stick Flavors are Grippo’s Bar-B-Q, Spicy, Mild, Smokehouse and Honey. Pap’s also provides Fuel Packs, Camping Trip Packs and Road Trip Packs for protein aware people on the go!

“We worked tirelessly for years to apply our knowledge to our brand.  And we had some success. However, the real turning point came in December of 2016 when CEO John Good and I formed Derby City Distribution (Spudz Chips & Pap’s Foods). As we entered 2018 the idea of building our facility came to life. Jim Richardson, Founder, Pap’s Foods.

The company currently employees 9 people with plans of more than doubling that number by end of Q1 2021. At their brand new, state-of-the-art facility, the Pap’s Team hand packs big, thin slices of succulent, delicious beef jerky that will make you the hero of any outdoor gathering. The process goes like this – they painstakingly select USDA beef, then it is marinated, seasoned and slow cooked for hours to deliver the unique and beloved flavor that is Pap’s Jerky.

“Today I am proud to say the facility is open; John, Dave & Chuck are here and our employees (co -workers) are fantastic. It is an exciting time at Pap’s! There are obstacles and challenges, but I cannot think of a better way to enter a new decade than with everyone here today”, Richardson concluded.

To celebrate the grand opening, Pap’s is partnering with Metro Animal Services. Pap’s Employees are dedicated animal lovers and want to be Proud Adoption Sponsors! The team already donates a portion of online sales annually to Metro Animal Services and are excited about their new plan to spur adoption through the end of the year: “Pap’s Puppy Bags!”. The Bags will include Beef Jerky treats for the new Pet Parent, special Puppy Treats for the lucky canine and other goodies to help ensure dogs get a good home!  Visit Metro Animal Services from November 19th through the remainder of 2020 and Pap’s will also pay 25% of Adoption Fee for those who mention “Pap’s”!

Another Pap’s Act of Giving – Applauding healthcare workers, first responders and all essential employees on the front lines of COVID-19! Thank you all  Pap’s Jerky has sent care packages of jerky and beef sticks to hospitals in Chicago, Louisville, New York, and San Francisco. papsjerky.com