Losing Weight – A Matter of “Just One!”

Twenty-five years ago I started a weight loss company with a single thought in mind; if I could help just one. As I wrote down my mission on a piece of paper and thought; if I could encourage others and hold them responsible for their behaviors I could just possible help another live a healthier life and might save one in the process.

From the beginning I realized it would not be easy, I knew most would resist the idea, but what I did not realize until years later is how much pride, denial and laziness people really had inside themselves. Even with all these hurdles, today I still get up in the morning looking for just that one person who wants help feeling better!

In my own personal fitness program, I was an over weight, low self-esteem teenager who knew nothing about good food or exercise habits. However, in the beginning for some unknown reason I new one thing,

“If I could just take one day, one meal, one workout, one quiet time, one drink instead of two, one good friend, one positive thought at a time, sooner or later my life, body and soul would have to change; it just had too.”


Here are a few tips on staying motivated to exercise long-term with a “JUST ONE” attitude:

Just One- Just for one day, let me have the strength and desire to take a walk.

Just One- Just for one moment, let me breathe a little sigh of relieve from my busy life.

Just One- Just for one pound to lose; I’m not expecting ten or twenty, just one would be fine.

Just One- Just for one meal, let me eat it with out stuffing myself to the point of discomfort.

Just One- Just one thought or feeling that tells me I am on the right track with my exercise program.

Just One- Just one day at a time is all I ask!

No matter if you are unmotivated or the motivated having a “One Day at a Time” attitude may just keep you going for life. For me personally, what started out with one day has turned into twenty-five years of still going strong. I will never forget that first day because I have relived it everyday since! And you can too!

Greg Ryan is an accomplished author, personal trainer, life coach and owner of Resolutions Preventative Health Care through Fitness for Seniors and Diabetics in St. Matthews. www.resolutions.bz