The Psychology of Weight Loss – Education, Motivation and Self-Worth Part 2

Last week I shared with you the dis-connect between education and motivating people into staying in shape and losing weight. Here is a reminder of what I wrote:

“Education is not the problem, it’s motivating yourself enough to get off your A^%. Motivation comes down to your priorities…… When you really want something you find a way to get it done, correct? So education is not the big issue, it’s your willingness to understand the severity of your dire health circumstances and pushing yourself to do something about it. In other words, it’s the awareness that pride, denial and laziness is killing you inside out. It’s the guts to deal with it in the present on your terms rather than in the future on life’s time line.”

Now let me share with you what I feel is the root of why most people are not motivated enough to lose weight, “Believability-I am not worthy!”

In most cases we purchase things for only a few reasons; out of necessity, and the thought that it will make us feel good. In most of those situation’s you sincerely feel you deserve them, right? It did not take much motivation on your part to do it either, did it? Here’s my point,

“If you believe it will make you feel good, and that you are worthy of it, you reach inside and find the motivation inside to do it; in other words the desire was already there, right?

I have watched individuals over the years lose weight almost over night after trying for months and even years, how?

My friend Jane was 240 pounds, and wanted to get down to 200. We started with one pound at a time. We would write the number down on her hand, mirror, dishes, and refrigerator what ever it took to remind her of the goal. Almost like clock work, when Jane believed she was worth being 238 she became 238. When Jane believed she was at 236 she lost two pounds. The connection between your self-worth/believability and your goals is scary strong.

Motivation comes in many shapes, feelings and forms, but true motivation comes from within, and from no one else. You, I, we all have it; you just have to find it in some way or another. I suggest you try believing in something; wanting to lose weight so badly that your self-worth has no choice, but to make it happen.

So maybe losing weight does come down to education? Teach yourself that you are worthy of feeling better and I guarantee you that you will fish for a life time! Rocky did!

Greg Ryan is an accomplished author, personal trainer, life coach and owner of Resolutions Preventative Health Care through Fitness for Seniors and Diabetics in St. Matthews.