Louisville Council Members Sponsor Resolution requesting MSD Fund Flood Buy-Out Program

Photo: Paula Presley

Louisville, KY – Several members of the Louisville Metro Council are sponsoring a Resolution requesting the Metropolitan Sewer District to set aside additional funding in the coming years for an enhanced home buyout program. The plan calls for MSD to increase funding for such programs in future budgets so that they can make progress on a growing list of properties that have seen reoccurring flooding.

           The sponsors of this ordinance are: Councilmembers: Angela Leet (R-7), Kelly Downard (R-16), Dan Johnson (D-21) and Madonna Flood (D-24).

          “This Resolution is long overdue and it asks MSD to start thinking about the future and ways of assisting people who have found themselves the victims of increased flooding as we deal with erratic weather patterns,” says Councilman Dan Johnson (D-21).

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          The Resolution asks MSD, within 60 days, to prepare a plan to incorporate between one to two million dollars for a multiyear buyback program for homeowners in Jefferson County. The plan will include those people who are outside of the flood plain but whose property assessments have been affected by the flooding.

           “It is time to prepare for the future instead of just responding to emergencies as they arise. I am hopeful that this show of support from the members of the Metro Council will help to move towards a long term solution to aiding those persons located within the flood plain and in need of relocation.” – Councilman Kelly Downard (R-16)

          The Resolution points out that a small percentage of yearly rate increases by MSD along with the recent announcement of the One Water agreement with the Louisville Water Company would allow for creation of a buyback program that would be able to make substantial movement towards addressing the needs of the community.

Photo: Paula Presley
Photo: Paula Presley

          “This is the long term solution that I have been hopeful to achieve since the beginning of this flood mitigation workgroup. It has always been my desire to find a permanent funding source to a problem that our community should have addressed long before the most recent flooding incident. This resolution encourages a way for families to seek immediate relief when they are impacted by flooding, and I am glad to have been part of the solution.” Councilwoman Angela Leet (R-7).

         The Resolution will receive its first reading on Thursday night at the September 10th meeting of the Louisville Metro Council and is expected to be discussed at the Council’s Public Works Committee.