Louisville Ky schools on alert after “nonspecific” threat

From an email sent to JCPS parents:

Louisville, Ky., – Out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying you that LMPD has received a nonspecific threat for Friday, Jan. 8, against unnamed schools – the report didn’t specify whether the schools were public or private. This appears to be another in a series of threats being reported to educational institutions across the country recently. JCPS safety protocol dictates that we operate all schools on a normal schedule but at a heightened level of security (Level 3).  Therefore, exterior doors to your child’s school will be locked at all times, outside activities will be cancelled and hallway traffic will minimized and monitored on Friday.  If there is any reason to believe that additional security measures should be taken, we will notify you through our One Call Now system and through local media.  Please be assured that, at JCPS, safety is our highest priority and that our schools work closely with our internal security team and state and federal security experts to ensure your students’ well-being every day, including on Friday.