Louisville Ky to be new home for Medicaid Center of Excellence

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Passport Health Plan and Evolent Health are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance that will create The Medicaid Center of Excellence.

The Medicaid Center of Excellence is the first of its kind in the country. It combines Passport’s expertise in Medicaid managed care with Evolent’s industry-leading technology and operations to offer centralized services for provider-led Medicaid health plans nationwide. The Center of Excellence will deliver strategy, clinical and operational capabilities, health plan administrative support, and Identifi℠ – Evolent’s population health performance management platform.

Evolent Health CEO Frank Williams announcing the new center.
Evolent Health CEO Frank Williams announcing the new center.

The strategic alliance between Passport and Evolent will create new jobs, generate additional tax revenue, and further establish Louisville as a center for health care innovation. It is anticipated that the number of employees at The Medicaid Center of Excellence will increase substantially over the next five years as it grows to support Passport and other health plans across the country.

Evolent Health – headquartered in Arlington, Va. – currently partners with leading health systems to advance value-based care. The alliance with Passport Health Plan – a nonprofit, provider-sponsored managed care organization (MCO) that has been administering Medicaid benefits in Kentucky since 1997 – will offer a clear blueprint that can be scaled on a national level to providers and governmental entities seeking new ways to improve patient health outcomes and lower costs.

“Passport and Evolent have a shared vision of changing the way health care is delivered by providing increased value for patients and providers,” said Frank Williams, CEO of Evolent Health. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Passport to build the infrastructure for best-in-class, provider-led Medicaid health plans around the country.”

This morning's press conference to announce the new Medicaid Center of Excellence.
This morning’s press conference to announce the new Medicaid Center of Excellence.

Passport, which was established by a group of local Medicaid providers, is currently the top-rated plan inKentucky, achieving a 4-star rating from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and also the top-ranked plan in Star Ratings by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services. Passport also becomes a user of Identifi and other Evolent capabilities under a long-term agreement to further improve its strong quality and affordability outcomes for the more than 280,000 Medicaid members it currently serves in Kentucky.

“Passport Health Plan’s associates, providers, community partners and members will benefit greatly from our strategic alliance with Evolent Health. The Medicaid Center of Excellence will help us bring the Passport model to states beyond Kentucky,” said Mark B. Carter, CEO of Passport Health Plan. “We look forward to working with Evolent to improve health outcomes by growing the number of provider-sponsored, community-based Medicaid health plans throughout the United States.”

All of Passport’s current 500-plus employees, including its leadership team, will remain in place locally to service both the company’s existing Medicaid managed care business and the new Medicaid Center of Excellence. Evolent staff in Arlington will also be engaged to provide administrative and support services.

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Passport Health Plan is a provider-sponsored, non-profit, community-based health plan administering Medicaid benefits to more than 280,000 Kentuckians. Passport has partnered with the Commonwealth ofKentucky to administer Medicaid benefits since 1997. For more information, visit passporthealthplan.com. Passport also operates a Medicare Advantage program, called “Passport Advantage,” for residents ofJefferson, Bullitt, Hardin, and Nelson counties who are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare. For more information visit passportadvantage.com.

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