Louisville Ky’s Larry Muhammad takes audience through time, tragedy and trials in new plays

     Louisville, KY – The Beatles. Black Power. Lunch counter sit-ins. “I have a dream.” Hippies. The Kennedys killed Malcolm X killed Dr. King killed. Woodstock. The moon landing. Vietnam. Women’s Lib.   

Desperately nostalgic for the sizzling psychedelic 1960s? Miss the draft-dodging, bra-burning, the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll?

     Come see BOOMERANG, a theatrical romp through the turbulent decade headlining “3 From Cisco”, provocative new work by Larry Muhammad, live on stage in the MeX Theater at the Kentucky Center Nov. 19-22.


     It has the radical politics, the nudity, the ritualistic pot-smoking and other rights-of-passage hijinks manifest in riveting performances by iconic Sixties characters – roughneck Black Panther, radical feminist lawyer, alienated Vietnam vet, nun who left the convent.

Are the Baby Boomers ushering in a new age of peace love and liberation, or traumatized by the social upheaval, war and serial assassinations? How should they live? What should they do? Will they ever be truly free? Can they handle it?

     If BOOMERANG doesn’t turn you on, and/or works your last nerve, two shorts balance out the three-play show: RADIO PLAY, a tribute to first responders involving a police dispatcher challenged to save a motorist’s life in the middle of a crappy workday, and KIN UNDER THE SKIN, a comedy (deal with it) about reparations for slavery, as if the Sally Hemings/Thomas Jefferson descendants squabble over the estate on Court TV, mediated by a cantankerous judge with Vaudevillian flair.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at www.kentuckycenter.org, or by calling 502-584-7777.