Louisville Maddness with President Clinton

Russ Smith photo-bombs President Clinton

russ smith pres clinton

Clinton attended the evening session during Thursday’s Big East quarterfinals, taking in Louisville’s victory over Villanova and Notre Dame’s mini-upset of Marquette.

After Pitino introduced Clinton in Lexington whilst he (Clinton) was campaigning, Pitino readily admits that they have a relationship dating back to the 1990s, so the former president opted to stop by the Louisville locker room for about 10 minutes after the Cardinals’ 74-55 victory and, well he met Smith and Behanan

UofL Forward Chane Behanan was the first culprit – putting bunny ears behind Bill Clinton during a group photo. It was like both he and President Clinton were a pair of buddies in third grade.


Surprisingly, Smith just smiles and Waves demurely in the above photo, a far cry from last March when he lived up to his “Russdiculous” nickname by famously bunny-earing coach Rick Pitino during a TV interview after an NCAA tournament win.

and then came the photo-bombs started.
You gotta love this team.