Louisville: Nudity-Free Since Just Now

Not Here, Big Guy

Welcome to another dreary winter’s day in your newly nudity-free city. 56 degrees this weekend, so hang on and tune up the bike. And there’s some good news in here somewhere.

Hogan’s Hope: That money the city got from the Readers’ Digest contest (ok, it’s just $1,000) will be going to the Save the  Hogan’s Fountain effort to preserve the teepee. Also, Tammy Madigan, the group’s organizer, says that the local band Hogan’s Fountain will be donating proceeds from iTunes sales of its song “Shine Your  Light on Me” to the effort. All .99 cents, Every little bit helps.

Local Programming – Jamboree: Look for a blog post here soon from Kirby Adams, in which she details her experience hosting a new TV show premiering on the CW in February. Taped at the Lebanon Junction Jamboree, Kirby is the host of “Country Junction.” She references Porter Wagoner, so I’m not sure it’s going to be my cup of tea.

I Don’t Like This, Either: I caught a few moments of Fox41’s ongoing Idol competition this morning.  And I’ll never get that time back.

But I Really Like This: The Library has an iPhone app, as Brigid pointed out here yesterday. It’s probably a lot more useful than the millions we’re proposing to spend on new buildings.

The King of Old: This has to be good news. This morning Kindred Healthcare is announcing the $900 million acquisition of St. Louis-based RehabCare Group. According to the Mayor’s Office: “The merger will bring new high-paying jobs to Louisville and will create the largest post-acute health care services company in the United States, with operations in 46 states and more than $6 billion in annual revenue.”  That means we really are a global leader in taking care of old people.

Creating an Issue Where There Was None: Why does WHAS11 keep asking the Kentucky Derby Festival if it was pressured to drop “Kentucky” from its name this year by Churchill Downs? On the other hand, why was KDF president Mike Berry ducking Joe Arnold?

Wanna Buy a Restaurant?: Maxwell’s, located next door here in J-town, is for sale for $297,000. You get me as a neighbor, and with the right incentives, I would walk over there and become a frequent diner.

An Event for Greenies: Check out Stephen Reily’s piece in the C-J about Saturday’s TEDx event on some positive developments in local food options. It’s at Bellarmine from 10-6.

Strike Three for Owens: Rep. Darryl Owens is wasting his efforts trying to put a cap on the rates payday loan companies can charge.  Hint – Darryl, no one is forced to get one of those loans. Thanks for trying to protect people from their own stupidity, but how about letting legal businesses operate in the free market?

Perv Alert: It’s always eye-catching when the mainstream media gets to use the word “masturbating” in a news story. Some dude got caught jerking off at the Fairgrounds during a cheerleading competition. The shocking thing is that he was intoxicated (just kidding). See what happens when you take the strippers away.