Louisville Ranked No. 1 by CNN – as Top Place to Live

This sunny, lively mountain town is safe (crime rates are among the lowest in the State) and easy to navigate. Lots of good jobs in tech, telecom, aerospace, clean energy, and health care can be found right in Louisville, and more are on their way. And there’s world-class mountain biking, hiking, and skiing in the nearby Rockies. Real estate prices have barely budged since 2005, yet a typical three-bedroom house here still runs less than a comparable one in nearby Boulder. Its schools consistently rank among the top three academically in the Denver area.
Denver area? Rockies? Oh yeah…….it’s Louisville, CO.
I was fine with the Sunny bit  and the phrase Mountain Town went over my head but I got stuck on the low crime rates and good jobs (hey – at this point in time many Louisville, KY residents are open to ANY job). I got a little confused by the housing prices being stable and in Louisville, KY we don’t have “world-class” mountain biking and hiking. We do have a bike trail – that is sorta complete. CNN does that count?
Looking through the rest of the list I couldn’t find any trace of our Louisville. Maybe if we can all get jobs, keep our houses, not shoot each other and move the Rockies a little bit closer – then Louisville, KY may one day have this enviable position of being ranked No. 1.
Fingers Crossed.