Louisville Slugger Remembers Yogi Berra

On Sept. 23, after Yankee great Yogi Berra’s death was announced, members of the Louisville Slugger family honored the legendary catcher by laying a wreath on Yogi Berra’s Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame bat.  It’s located on the north side of Main between 7th and 8th streets, a little east of the Science Center.

Berra, who died at age 90, was credited with some of the most memorable quotes in baseball history, in addition to helping the Yankees win 10 World Series titles before he retired in 1963. Berra signed an H&B contract, which is on display at the museum, along with his bat order records. Visitors can   pull his turning model bat from the H&B vault.

Among Berra’s most famous quotes is this one: “It Ain’t Over ’til it’s Over.”  And then there was “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

H&B staff members lay a wreath next to Yogi Berra's bat on Main Street.
H&B staff members lay a wreath next to Yogi Berra’s bat on Main Street.