LouisvilleKY Businesses Are exploring New Ways to Gain Customers

Louisville is the home of many great businesses. Local businesses are enjoying the steady economic growth that has taken place over the past few years, giving them the opportunity to expand and grow alongside the community. The same growth will continue to drive businesses forward for the next few years.

What’s interesting about the growth of local businesses is how creative entrepreneurs and small business owners have become in connecting with customers. Aside from catering to communities around them, Louisville businesses are exploring more markets using interesting techniques.

To the Cloud

We tend to see our community as rather old-fashioned, but younger generations are influencing the whole community in more ways that you realize. These younger community members are up to date and engage technology as part of their everyday lives. The impact of their tech-related activities is affecting other parts of the community, including local businesses.

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find a lot of local businesses now have a strong online presence. Retailers, restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the area are appearing on Google Maps and Google Search. They now maintain strong social media presence too, connecting with potential customers from other parts of Kentucky – and the country – in the process.

What’s interesting is the fact that there are a lot of Louisville businesses who now have online storefronts. Customers from around the country can purchase products made in Louisville online. Some are even taking advantage of online marketplaces to reach even more customers.

Actively Engaged

Another interesting fact about local businesses is their attention to the community members around them. It is not uncommon to see local businesses supporting community activities and events. There are plenty of promotional campaigns – run both online and offline – that directly engage community members closest to these businesses.

It doesn’t stop with small events and local movements too. The recent Kentucky Derby Festival is among the many big events that are supported by local businesses. KDF will also award the prestigious Fifth Third Bank Silver Horseshoe Award to the Muhammad Ali Center this year.

Popups and events are great for introducing local products and services to a wider group of customers, without investing in permanent retail space. Entrepreneurs are also realizing the good return on investment offered by pop up options from companies like Westfield Pop.

More Ways than One

This increasingly popular trend of getting creative with marketing and sales is a great sign of more to come. Businesses are now taking advantage of video marketing and local SEO to strengthen their internet presence. At the same time, we’re seeing a number of unique promotional activities and small businesses working together in cross-promotional campaigns.

While the economy is growing, the market is also becoming more competitive. Seeing local business explore new ways of connecting with customers bring hope to the local economy. With business at its core, we can safely expect the economy here in Louisville to continue growing and the community as a whole to remain strong.