LouisvilleKY drivers: Registration holds for tolls begin this week

Thousands have paid tolls and fees owed

LOUISVILLE, Ky.  – Thousands of drivers in Indiana and Kentucky have paid tolls owed to the two states, via RiverLink, and will avoid having a hold placed on their vehicle registration. A registration hold is placed when a toll is not paid after repeated notices. The first holds are expected to be placed this week. Drivers will not be allowed to renew their vehicle registration until tolls and fees owed are paid in full.


Since RiverLink recently announced pending registration holds, nearly 6,500 drivers have paid tolls and fees owed in full. Those drivers have paid nearly $170,000 owed to the two states.

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As of early last week, around 16,000 registration holds were expected in Indiana and 19,000 in Kentucky. The number of holds will continue to grow as unpaid invoices mature. A registration hold is placed after a toll is unpaid, and at least four RiverLink toll notices have been sent to the customer. The first notice, second notice, violation notice and collections notice are mailed over a minimum of a 135-day period, allowing drivers more than four months to pay tolls owed.


It’s important all drivers using the tolled bridges for faster and safer commutes pay their fair share. Vehicle registration holds are a common enforcement option used by several states to help ensure required tolls and fees are paid.


Paying Tolls Owed


Drivers have several options to pay tolls owed:

Customer service centers are open MondayFriday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Payment must be made directly to RiverLink and CAN NOT be accepted by the IN BMV, the KY MVL or a County Clerk’s Office in Kentucky. Shortly after tolls are paid, RiverLink will notify the IN BMV or KY MVL to release the hold on the registration.


Drivers will also receive a RiverLink notification letter in the mail stating the registration hold has been released.