LouisvilleKY government leaders react to passing of city’s favorite son

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Louisville, KY., – “Our city, our Commonwealth, our nation and the world has lost “The Greatest”. Not only was Muhammad Ali a legend in the world of sports, and considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, he changed the world with what he did outside the ring. He was a champion for civil rights, religious freedom, and solving conflicts through peace and understanding. A man of humble beginnings right here in Louisville, who inspired young people to be the best they could be in whatever field they chose to pursue. To Lonnie and all the members of the Ali family, we on the Metro Council send our thoughts and prayers in this time of grief. Our city is honored to be known as the hometown of Muhammad Ali. May we follow his example as we work together for a better world for all.”

David Yates, President, District 25

“My family and I send our condolences to the Ali family.  What a loss to all of America, and the city of Louisville as we mourn the passing of the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali.   The Champ was a native of District 1, and his legacy will forever live on in the lives of the little boys and girls who grow up in our community, who push themselves and know that they too, can be great.  His life and journey let us all know that anything, particularly greatness, is possible with hard work, dedication, and faith.  He was a giant for human and civil right and a hero to all Americans, but particularly for the disenfranchised.  Our native son, you will never be forgotten, and your legacy will live on throughout the ages.”

Photo from Muhammad Ali's Facebook page.
Photo from Muhammad Ali’s Facebook page.

Jessica Green, District 1

“I am saddened to hear the news of his passing. I first met him as a classmate in Central High School. He and his brother became lifelong friends from that moment on. Even as he became well known around the world, he would always remember those high school days we shared when he came home to Louisville and our paths crossed over the years. His work and his example are to be admired at a time when we need to show young people what you can achieve when you believe in yourself and spread a message of peace throughout the world. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.”

Barbara Shanklin, District 2

“Like many I remember Muhammad Ali as a classmate at Central High School and as I have watched him through these years I cannot help but remember how each of us can make a difference. Many of us at the time saw the need to make a difference in civil rights locally standing up for what is right and being an example that we all must stand for equality. He became the best professional heavyweight champion that will ever be and showed the world that it was time to stand for civil rights and equality Muhammad Ali was a legend who had unshakable integrity when it came to something that he believed in. I am proud to have known him and his family. We will not see another like him in our life time. My thoughts and prayers to the family, we in Louisville have lost our own true champion.

Mary C. Woolridge District 3

“Carolyn and I are saddened by the news of Muhammad Ali ‘s passing.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Lonnie, the rest of the family and the countless number of friends who mourn his passing. Known as “the Greatest of All Time”, Ali through his example, first in the ring and later through his humanitarian work around the world, showed everyone that we all have our own form of greatness inside of us.  Furthermore, he showed us that we all have a debt of service to pay to one another in order to make our world a better place. When we talk about Louisville being known as “Possibility City” such a statement is only capable of being made because it was here in our city that one of its sons, who had his bike stolen as a boy, could become the three-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world to later become a statesmen who helped transform the world. Muhammad Ali ‘s life was truly a gift to the world and his legacy will be one that will continue to endure for generations.”

David Tandy, District 4

“I’ve been reflecting over the last 24 hours about Muhammad Ali and his influence on my life and so many others in his hometown. When you think about it, Louisville is really a special place to live and to have grown up, actually going back hundreds of years. As teens growing up in segregated Louisville in the 60s, and participating in the civil rights movement, we were so fortunate to have had leaders & role models such as Anne Braden, Dr. King and Muhammad Ali in our midst (to name a few).They projected an air of supreme self-confidence to impressionable youth by their resolve to not back down or give in to injustice. They were all leaders who had the courage of their convictions and despite the hate and vitriol they constantly received and were vilified for their beliefs and actions, they continued to fight and strive for freedom, justice and equality throughout their lives. They spoke truth to power and all stood fast and clung firm to their faith and principles and history now reveres them. I will, and we each should, continue to try to exemplify & impart to our impressionable youth Muhammad Ali’s six core principles; Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect & Spirituality. Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali. Well done!”

Cheri Bryant Hamilton, District 5

“He was a man who touched many lives by his determination, athletic talent and belief in himself and in the good that can be found in many places of the world. The journey he began as a 12 year old who was interested in boxing has led to his being not only an iconic figure in the world of sports but an ambassador for peace and equal justice throughout the world. May we all see how we can change the world by believing in ourselves, our community and seeing the potential in the people we have not yet touched. My thoughts and prayers are with Lonnie and the family at this time of grief.”

David James, District 6