LouisvilleKY hosts 23rd Festival of Faiths this week

By Jackie Hollenkamp Bentley

Information from www.festivaloffaiths.org

Louisville, KY., – The 23rd Annual Festival of Faiths officially opens this week with a Tuesday evening opening ceremony at Louisville’s Cathedral of the Assumption. The five-day, internationally-known event seeks to celebrate “multi-faith music, poetry, art, film and dialogue with spiritual leaders, practitioners and teachers.

This year’s theme is Sacred Insight and Feminine Wisdom and features a schedule of speakers and artists exploring “the feminine aspects of the divine, non-dual thinking, the wisdom of the natural world, suffering, healing, emotional intelligence, and creativity. The Festival seeks to offer deeper insight into the Sacred Feminine in all of us.”

festival of faiths speakers

Speakers include Pravrajika Brahmaprana, Diane Rehm, Mary Berry, Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi, Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, Becca Stevens, Pat McCabe, Lyla June Johnston, Sharron Sales, Naomi O’Connel, Najah Bazzy, Brianna Harlan, Schuyler Brown, Hannah Drake, and many more.

festival of faiths speakers


A complete schedule can be found here.