LouisvilleKY Metro Council approves 2017-2018 Operations and Capital Budgets for Metro Government

Louisville – By a vote of 24 and 0 and one abstention, the Louisville Metro Council has approved the 2017-2018 Capital and Operating Budgets that have a continued emphasis on road paving, vacant and abandoned properties, criminal justice and quality of life investments.

“This is a well balanced budget that addresses many needs in our community and allows for pilots programs to address vacant and abandoned houses and to treat our mentally ill through the Living Room concept.  By trying new programs we are only making our community better and addressing the needs from many avenues,” said Councilwoman Marianne Butler (D-15), who chairs the Committee.

“The addition of funding for paving, addiction services and public safety will serve as hallmarks of our efforts in this year’s budget. I am proud of our work to cooperatively find long term solutions for our community,” said Budget Committee Vice-Chair Kevin Kramer (D-11).

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The Committee has approved an amended budget focusing on the theme of “Building a Better Community.” The theme covers four areas:

Here are the highlights:

·      Investing in Criminal Justice

o   Funding for Public Defender ($50,000)

o   Funding for a Casey’s Law Advocate with JCAO ($36,000)

o   Funding for Two Deputy Coroners & Morgue expansion ($170,000)

o   Study/Renovation of LMPD HQ & Fiscal Court Building ($300,000)

o   No More Red Dots ($550,000)

·      Increasing Investments in our Residents through Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatments

o   Funding for Volunteers of America Freedom House ($515,000)

o   Funding for Centerstone Living Room Project ($325,000)

·      Investing in our Infrastructure and Facilities

o   $6.4. million added to Mayor’s Paving Road Improvements

o   Total Paving Investment $22,610,000

o   Total Additional Funding for sidewalk repairs $2,500,000 ($1.5M added)

o   Additional Mowing for Metro Owned Right of Way ($238,000)

·      Investing in Quality of Life

o   Neighborhoods

§  $200,000 Center for Neighborhoods

§  $250,000 Lexan Pilot Program (Clear Boarding)

§  $530,000 Additional VAP Demolition

o   Quality of Place

§  $200,000 African American Heritage Center

§  $30,000 Botanical Gardens

§  $125,000 AB Sawyer Master Plan

§  $125,000 Victory Park Master Plan

§  $100,000 Des Pres Park Pickleball Courts

o   Combining Affordable Housing Trust Fund & Louisville Cares

  “I am proud of the balanced budget we are submitting for the full Metro Council’s approval. This year’s investment of  $22.6 million for road paving is second year of our 10 year commitment to address this city wide concern. The Council has proven its desire to address more vacant and abandoned properties by adding funds for both demolition and Lexan clear plastic to clean up our neighborhoods,” said President David Yates (D-25). “The Council has also heard the voices in our community calling for funding to the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund by giving two-thirds of $14.5 million of which the final third will go to the revolving loan fund supporting affordable housing development in our community, Louisville CARES. I would like to thank my Budget Chairs, Councilwoman Marianne Butler and Councilman Kevin Kramer and the entire Budget Committee for their dedication to building an operating and capital plan for our next fiscal year.”

The Fiscal Year 2017/2018 Budgets will now be sent to Mayor Greg Fischer for his signature..