LouisvilleKY’s Locust Grove will take visitors back hundreds of years this weekend

Louisville, KY., – When visitors enter Locust Grove’s grounds during this year’s 18th Century Market Fair on Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28, they’ll be transported to the year 1778 in the middle of the American Revolution. That’s the year George Rogers Clark founded the city of Louisville during the Illinois Campaign that was the cornerstone to the War in the West, including his successful raid at Kaskaskia. Visit with members of the Continental Army on the side of the Americans and the British Dragoons and Marines, Scottish Highlanders and Hessians fighting for King George III and learn about life on a military campaign. The reenactors will be talking about what’s happening in 1778 in the fight for independence, especially as the city of Philadelphia, the capital of the new United States of America, is occupied by British forces.

“We’re trying to walk our visitors through major events of the American Revolution year by year, and after last year’s Market Fair set in 1777, we’re setting this year in 1778,” says Brian Cushing, Locust Grove’s program director. “Visitors will be able to experience life in 1778 and view the war as it happened. Each day will be unique! This will be a rare opportunity to let the 21st century fade into the background as visitors come face to face with the events of our long-ago revolution.”

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Mock battles during this year’s Market Fair will include the Battles of Quinton’s Bridge, the Invasion of Kaskaskia, and the Battle of Monmouth, followed by a duel between John Laurens and Charles Lee on Sunday. Fans of the musical Hamilton will recognize the Battle of Monmouth and the duel as key plot points in the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. These historic events were part of the Revolutionary War experience of Locust Grove founder William Croghan, who fought at Monmouth and who would have been familiar with the fallout that led to the duel.

American and British forces will be traveling with their wives and children, so visitors can learn about 18th century games, laundry, meal preparation, medicine, and other aspects of daily life. Punch and Judy shows, a tarot card reader, a rat catcher, musicians, and other 18th century personalities will bring life to the market, as vendors and craftspeople will demonstrate their trades and offer their 18th century goods for sale. Period food and drink will be available from perennial Market Fair favorites His Lordship’s Beef, with meat fire-roasted on site, and Crown Point Bread Company, featuring hearth-baked breads, delicious cookies, and artisan cheese. Locust Grove’s own concession will also serve sandwiches and baked goods. Period children’s activities and tours of the historic house will also be offered.

The 18th Century Market Fair will be held at Locust Grove on Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm daily.

Admission: $8 for adults; $4 for children 12 and under: Free for children 4 and under. A full list of vendors and schedule of events can be found at http://locustgrove.org/18th-century-market-fair.