LouisvilleKy’s Mayor Fischer marks a new brightsite at Brook & Jacob Streets


A new BrightSite was made possible by a public/private partnership

Photos from Mayor Fischer’s and Brightside’s Facebook page.

LOUISVILLE, KY (June 21, 2016)—Mayor Fischer announced today the completion of a new BrightSite at the corner of Brook & Jacob Streets. This new BrightSite was made possible by a $43,000 gift by the Gheens Foundation and the landscape design was done by Korfhage Landscape and Design, Inc.

“The new BrightSite at Brook & Jacob is just one example of what can happen when the public and private sectors come together to achieve one goal,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “Beautification is a just one of Brightside’s core tenants and you can see beautification in the BrightSites in and out of downtown. I would like to thank the Gheens Foundation and Korfhage Landscape & Design, Inc. as well as the Brightside team for making this happen.”

The new BrightSite greets drivers as they reach the bottom of the I-65 Brook Street ramp. This BrightSite has a significant amount of flower bed space and is filled with hundreds of Daylilies, Winter Jasmine and Ruby Slippers Oakley Hydrangea. This site adds a pop of color to what was mostly a gray, concrete corridor.
Brightsite brightside

“The Gheens Foundation and Korfhage Landscape & Design have been terrific and generous partners in the creation of this new BrightSite,” Brightside Director Gina O’Brien said. “We are grateful to have them and other community partners to assist us in our mission to make Louisville clean and green.”

BrightSites are mini botanical gardens located across Louisville. Studies show that green oases like these build civic pride and inspire neighbors to keep the area looking its best. The construction of BrightSites were started in 1987 with the purpose of taking small parcels of city-owned property and partnering with businesses or other agencies to get plant material donated and to keep the newly-landscaped area maintained. That tradition continues today with 62 BrightSites now spread across the city.

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For more information on Brightside or if you would like to volunteer or contribute to their efforts, please visit www.brightsideinc.org